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My favorite part about Los Fresnos high school is their athletic department. They had the best coaches there who pushed us to being our best. One thing I would change about Los Fresnos high school would be to change their dress code policy. They're too strict about it.
In my opinion, the good things about Los Fresnos High School are it's academic standards, college readiness, and school spirit. Otherwise it's an average school. I would like to see some change in the way administration acts toward or handles students when they violate the dress code. I believe the should be more less lenient when it comes to tardies, piercings, dress lengths, and maybe even dyed hair.
What I liked at Los Fresnos High School was the feeling of having a second family at the school and an amazing wrestling program that showed me many values. Not only that, but a lot of tradition and trying to be the best we can be improves a lot of us in character and to work harder in everything we do. We treated each other with respect, a lot of teachers respected the students and taught us very well. I became an AP scholar and a 2x district champion, a 2x regional placer, and a 2x state qualifier for wrestling. The school showed me that hard work is something that is more than a reward received afterwards, it is a sense of good character and diligence.
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Los Fresnos high school, despite its size, does a very good job trying its best to help students prepare for their future. The teachers are caring, for many grew up in the same small environment and understand struggles students might be facing. Los Fresnos is not the perfect school, but it is a small school with a big-hearted staff.
The atmosphere in Los Fresnos High School is astonishing and outstanding. I believe that Los Fresnos High School is one of the best high schools I have attended considering that I have attended over 4 high schools in the last 4 years.
It's an amazing school district with amazing teachers. The school is a college readiness campus with a college center that helps answer all your questions about college. The teachers go above and beyond to make sure you understand the material you are learning. There are many amazing clubs and sports that a student can be involved it.
I think preparation for college needs to be changed quite a bit. It was a very hard transition for me when I left for college and it felt like it was something that wasn't stressed as much.
I enjoyed powerlifting! I competed and won state champ my senior year. I also enjoyed the school culture and high spirit of students and staff.
Definitely one of the best public schools in the lower Rio Grande Valley. Overall the school is a very safe and lively environment.
The teachers claim we live in the best district in the Rio Grande Valley, and although the grades we get are very good, I cannot stand learning in this discriminating, conservative district any longer. Thank the heavens I am graduating. Best of luck to the future seniors.
As a comparison to the rest of the campus' in the district of Los Fresnos, The high school is overall a great school. The administrators seem to really care about our education and not about things that would ultimately distract and take time away from our classes. We also have a college center with people whose jobs are to make sure that you get into the college that you want which can make the very overwhelming process much easier.
My experience at Los Fresnos High School was okay. Some teachers and employees that work there do not really do their job well. For example, I had a teacher that would give assignments with no explanation of how to complete it, and it was hard figuring it out as a student. However, there are good things about Los Fresnos High School like the food they serve, the snacks they provide, and the events. I also like the clubs that Los Fresnos High School offers, like Key Club. Key Club is a club where one goes around the whole school and picks up the recycling bins. It is a good way to get community service hours and do good for the environment. Some things that I would like to change about Los Fresnos High School are the ways that the school hires employees. Some can be very rude and they are considerate of others.
My experience with Los Fresnos High School has been amazing. I have had many great teachers and amazing counselors. They all devote themselves to their students, so that they can do there best out of high school. They have a very strict code of conduct that is heavily enforced, but it teaches the kids how to become more responsible of their actions. Overall Los Fresnos High School is a superb high school among other schools.
I loved Los Fresnos, the community is amazing. The school district is in a category of it’s own. We have the best academic program in the valley. There is no where else I would’ve rather spent my high school years. The dual enrollment provided helped me get a jump start into college, qualifying me as a junior in my first semester. I will always recommend Los Fresnos because it is truly the best.
My name is Vanessa Larís Campos. I have attended 8 different schools throughout out my youth, and I have never felt more at home than at Los Fresnos High School. From the school spirit to the safety of the students, this school is far advanced in all areas. For starters, we have our own college center where upperclassman can go to find help in all areas of college with their spare time. As a student, I thought at first, some of my questions would sound ridiculous to these well- educated teachers, but instead of feeling discouraged, they are always ready to help us in every way possible. This gem of a resource is just one aspect that makes Los Fresnos HS stand out from the others. I wish more people could be surrounded by humble, courageous people like I get to everyday.
Los Fresnos helps students, like myself, get college ready. The teachers and staff are very helpful when it comes to asking about college and school. The students are very kind, and they also influence my decisions. The peers around me are great and have helped me throughout my high school years. The college center is especially helpful because they have made me become more college ready than ever. I am taking Dual Classes, and I would not have done it without my counselors and peers pushing me more. There are many clubs that help students with the long run. For instance, I am part of the American Sign Language club, which helps me communicate better with students and other peers. As for the environment of the school, the school is a safe zone. Everyone can be themselves without having the worry of being bullied.
The school is an overall nurturing environment, however, it does have a very strict dress code. The dress code can often feel impeding on a person's ability to express themselves, but it does allow us to attend school without distraction. The school has some of the best teachers in the Rio Grande Valley, and all students are given a fair chance here.
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Los Fresnos High School is a nice school focused on both academics and extracurricular activities. The community is fairly small which allows for a lot of interactions.
I like Los Fresnos because it is very big and open to new opportunities. The teachers love their jobs and are there to ake sure their students succeed. The environment is quite healthy and it's a great school all around. I would like it to give more funds to the cultural art groups such as Conjunto, Mariachi, and Folklorico because these groups strugle to get funds for competitions, presentations, and trips.
What I enjoyed most about Los Fresnos high school was the fact that it’s a very close community that really focuses and appreciates the Hispanic culture. The teachers are extremely understanding and are willing to do anything in order to motivate you and make an effort to accommodate to every students individual needs . This school has the best college center staff that make a world of a difference when going through the college application process. They help you every step of the way! Los Fresnos has also given me many opportunities such as offering dual classes and other programs that I’m sure will benefit me in not only transitioning to a college environment, but thriving in one.
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