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Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts Reviews

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We are so lucky to be at LFCSA. The teachers are amazing- they care deeply about the children. The learning is hands-on. Children can share their ideas, dance, sing, create art, and PLAY. LFCSA is a beautiful place to be a child.
What can I say that hasn’t already been said? This is a very special school and an incredible community. My kid has been here since kinder and he’s flourishing and he WANTS to go to school. In addition to learning academics ( his favorite subject is math)He has learned to respect other people’s personal space, to communicate about what his needs are and he’s really understanding kindness and compassion and accountability. His ideas are respected and he’s encouraged to continue to learn in ways that are working for him. Tour the school. See the place. Meet the incredible teachers. Feel the magic that it has to offer. You will be so glad you did.
Very happy with the integrated arts education. The physical space is inspiring and the teachers are encouraging and kind. I appreciate the push for critical thinking while allowing the students space to create and develop
ideas within the project-based learning framework. The field trips are exciting and experiential and the community is progressive and caring. Definitely check it out if you are considering an alternative to the traditional model we all grew up with 🌈
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I have worked at LFCSA for last 6 years. I am blown away by the strong parent community that surrounds this school with so much love. Our teachers and staff are a beautiful team of people who pour their hearts into their work. We participate in several professional developments a year to continue to better ourselves as educators. We are constantly seeking out areas of growth and making an effort to make sure we are providing the best education to our students. I also send my kids to this school because I know how much they will benefit from being here.
I have had the BEST experience with my daughter attending LFCSA. The school is focused on arts education but the social emotional learning has been a LIFESAVING wealth of knowledge for us with our special girl. She is constantly teaching me how to better learn and grow with the simple things she has learned from the school. She is an excellent communicator because of the school. Her teachers are loving, and compassionate, they always look out for her and the other students. We also just recently re-kindled the Green Team at the school and as a parent who is spearheading this task, I can not speak highly enough about the participation with the school administration and PTA. They have gone over and above to support our goals to be good citizens of our community.
I have 2 kids enrolled in the school and this is our forth year. We love our school and our community! There's much emphasis in social emotional learning. The community is very strong too. My kids love their school and love going back everyday. This is the best indicator.
I am thrilled with this school. My 12 year old started in 6th grade and is now in the 7th grade. LFCSA is a forward thinking school with a focus on arts. The parent community is super strong and that says a lot.
I have two children who have been at LFCSA since transitional kindergarten. They have flourished at this school. Academically they are doing great but most importantly they love going to school! They don't spend hours doing homework and the work they do get home is meaningful so it doesn't feel like a waste of precious family time. I love how they use the arts as a tool to make the curriculum come to life and both my girls have really benefited from this. The school is very diverse and this is one of the reasons I chose it over my local school. The teachers value my children as individuals and give them work that challenges them. The social-emotional curriculum is an important part of this school. Both my girls have grown to be empathetic humans who are wonderful collaborators. I believe this will benefit them even more than just test scores. I love this school, the teachers and the strong, dedicated parent community.
Excellent public school option with a strong emphasis on social emotional learning and creative thinking. Highly invested teachers and staff.
Strong social emotional learning and integrated arts curriculum. Supportive, compassionate community of civically engaged learners.
My child has been going there since kindergarten, he is in the 4th grade and there is still isn't a day I've regretted putting him in this school.
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