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Los Coyotes Middle School Reviews

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This school is great, they have teachers who really prepare children for high school. The school is very driven to help students succeed in high school and beyond. Here they teach students that hard work really does payoff in the long run. The teachers are amazing, as well as the students.
From what I recall, they offer a lot of leadership and related classes. The school is engaging with its activities, like its spirit wear week unlike in La Mirada High School. Of course, the education is great as the school offers more specific high level AP classes.
I attended LCMS as a middle schooler during grades 6-7 and half of 7. It was a decent experience. However, my math teacher in 6th grade was terrible and didn't stop to explain concepts throughly. My Spanish teacher was actually rather good and I enjoyed classes. I remember a specific teacher. Mr. Vrsalovich (I believe that's how it is spelled). He was my mentor and prepared me greatly for high school. I still remember him and recall all my good memories from his class.
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Outdoor space is beautiful. Bathrooms are kind of gross and sometimes the lighting goes out
Teachers weren't the best. There was bullying, but I did meet some of my best friends there. And when in times of need, everyone comes together
Some are beyond terrible and will not reach you anything, but some are the best teachers you'll have
There was a lot of bullying! Especially those from a different ethnic background
Al last no extra curriculars
The nurse was almost never there. If you needed something, the secretary would most likely give you a band aid and then tell you to call someone from home. They didn't really care. There was a no tolerance policy for bullying and anonymous threats however, so that is a plus.
The teaching staff was wonderful, and sometimes I wish I could have had them for highschool.
You had to ask the teachers for extra help, and they would usually have you come in during lunch or nutrition or before school but never after school because they were grading papers and such
The teachers were awesome and the work load was a fair amount, in my opinion,
There wasn't a lot of student involvement, only because it was run by all the popular people. You had to know someone to get into a leadership position.
I played on the soccer team, and it was a middle school, so it's not like anyone was expecting great things, but the coaching was scary. The coach was a language arts teacher who learned more about the sport than we did. I am unsure about the other sports, volley ball, soft ball, track, basket ball, and flag football, but I do know that they happened and that they had just as much attention as they other sports
There were a lot of good things, like the music program, and there were some not so good things, like the cafeteria food, but nothing was downright terrible.
The buildings were in relatively new condition, they had been reconstructed and earthquake proofed only a few years before I arrived. We had a fair amount of technology, a readily available computer lab and iPads for those who signed up for those classes. I never took the bus, and they offered a fair amount of parent involvement, though I'm pretty sure only a few parents actually took up the chances
It was terrifying. I think in the expanse of three years, I only bought food four or five times on the days I didn't have time to pack my lunch
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The teachers were very involved, they liked knowing if we learned something each day, and they tried to keep us content to a reasonable extent. The guidance counselor who was there before my 8th grade year was adequate, I suppose. He messed up my mathematics placement two years in a row, and made it so, though I should have been advanced, I was placed with students below my level of concept understanding. The principal before my eighth grade year was also relatively adequate, but she was very focused on math and language arts only, she didn't really appreciate the arts that are science, history, and music. Both years, all three departments experiences significant, noticeable, but not severe, budget cuts that limited the amount of hands on things we could experience. All the staff were very nice, and made a point to stay very professional, no matter what was going on at home.
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