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Some teachers are very caring and empathetic towards students. There are other teachers who aren't the best and one of them that I have encountered was a bit racist towards Spanish speakers. The safety of the students could be better and there is a lot of homophobia in our school. Various of the seniors fool around and disrespect the teacher's classroom time as well as disrupt the learning of other students. The counselors, or rather mine, have been very helpful and kind. The college counsleor really helped me with choosing the best college for me. The food is okay, but it could do with some improvement. Some students are lactose and tolerant and can't really eat it. The lunch ladies are very nice.
The teachers are not educated on the topics and subjects they teach. Some teachers also feel that their grading can be biased based on the student’s social life. Some teachers get too involved in the personal life of students and don’t have boundaries.
I liked how the teachers and the counselors would encourage me and drive me to reach my potential. I’m a first generation student so having them as my guide is a blessing. In addition, I would like for there to be more academic opportunities for students. Overall, I enjoyed my high school time and have wonderful memories.
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I liked the fact that some teachers are so dedicated to their work and helping students pass their classes by giving advice and tutoring. I would like to see more spirit in the students. The rallies that go on are boring to almost half the school. Their school spirit isn't the best.
Hi, I'm a student at Los Banos High School. I AM a junior. My overall experience has been great. All the teachers are very nice and I'm always si excited to go to school. The teachers here are really motivating because they always want the students to do their best at all times. The ladies in the office are also so so sweet. The only thing I kind of wished changed was the food. If the food was better it would be such an improvement! The school always remains clean. The environment here is positive well here and there. The staff of the school need to be a little more aware of what's going on on campus sometimes. Some students will bully others or tend to fight. Sometimes I wished the school would put out more fin activites for the students.
Los Banos High School is a very old school. We have been around for a long time. We are still trying to catch up in electronics but that hasn't stopped teachers from being there for the students.
The coaches ruin sports and pick favorites. The office ladies are very nice and helpful. Our math department is low, but we have hired better teachers. The science and English department is great.
I feel like my school is a good school. It just needs some touch ups. Like the food could be way better and actually cooked. But everything else is great. Some teachers are really understanding and helpful. There are also a lot of good opportunities. The school offers a lot of curriculum and sports and many things. My school also actually cares and tries to get in touch with us a lot. My school also asks for feedback constantly. I feel like my school really brought out the best in me. I have already completed my school credits but I enjoy the courses I have.
I loved going to school at Los Banos High. I made many friends and still keep in contact with them since I have graduated. I thing I would like to see change is the academics. I think we are far behind compared to may city schools. I think if we improved on our academics scores we would be better set for life after high school.
I have taken advantage of educational opportunities to prepare for university. One
method I have executed this was by taking some of the advanced placement courses at my school. I have completed an advanced placement course in Geography, European History, and U.S. History and I will be taking courses in Government and Politics, Macroeconomics, and English. In addition, I finalized a college level computer science class at Merced College during my junior year. The class, however, took place at my high school campus. This provided me to advance and challenge myself and encounter a college-level class and honor classes. Additionally, it allowed me to comprehend the rigorous
courses that are offered at universities. In this course, I was able to experience and develop a
sense of computer programming and coding and learned of HTML, Ruby, and Python.
I enjoy Los Banos High School because many of the teachers are actively involved with the students. They offer support for academics but also for any difficulties surrounding students' home lives. I also enjoy Los Banos High School for the students they are creating. They encourage out-of-the-box thinking and introspection. However, I would like to see more diversity out of the staff at Los Banos High School. For many students whose ethnicities differ, they don't feel as if they're relatable to the predominantly Caucasian and Mexican faculty, which can and will most likely cause overarching problems if this does not change.
I can't really compare my school with others but I enjoyed my four years in this high school. My favorite thing about this school was the way the counselors pushed us to achieve greater things.
I've gone to Los Banos High school for the past four years and have had many family members attend before me. The school itself is old and could use many new updates and repairs. It needs to be modernized. I've come across some amazing teachers in my time here as well as some who seem not to care about their students education at all. There is a fair amount of school clubs to participate in and resources to put to use. There is a large amount of age old school pride and students tend to rally together to cheer on their school in sports and other extracurricular activities. Safety on campus is a bit poor. We have no metal detectors and basically anyone can walk on or off campus at any time.
Terrible experience in academics in all my years of high school. It's best to get involved and voice an opinion to better the school and the people, even if everyone is so closed minded. Overall, if put effort into the school, it might also improve the diversity standards.
Here at los banos high school you’re able to get prepared to get into colleges with all the help from teachers and staff. It’s a nice school.
It is a great school. There are amazing teachers there, and there aren't that many problems. The rules are a little strict, but overall it's a good school.
My experience has been unforgettable. With the hard working coaches and teachers I was able to learn so much from a little school and I am certain that with a little more hard work I could make it anywhere. Although I wasn't as privileged as other schools and had new fancy things, students can still improve to be their best. I feel that if something were to change, it could be the amount of work, teachers could give more paper work and focus less on computers. It might seem old school writing in paper but it is more effective and reliable.
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The thing that I liked the most from this school is that it is a very small campus. Everyone knows each other and nothing too crazy ever happened when I was there. The things that could be better are, even though there were a few activities and sports available, are just that. More activities and sports would be good. Also because it is an older school it wasn't as good and improved as the other high school in town.
Los Banos High School is a safe environment that allows students to receive an exceptional education. The teachers provide a great experience for all students and make sure that they are getting the most out of their class-time. Los Banos High School makes me love learning and makes me excited for my education in the future.
The Los Banos High School is my home and it is the home of the tigers. This school was built in 1966, but still shows great pride for what we stand for. Of course there are going to be problems with our school as there are in every school. Los Banos High school needs to improve the faculties that are used by the everyday student. Other than that our teachers are wonderful, and so is our administration. Coming from a small town this is the school to go to.
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