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Los Arboles Middle School Reviews

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Very little homework or classwork. Mostly lecturing and teaching off the test.
Half of the teachers are interested in being there, the other half are just there to collect a paycheck. Questions are rarely allowed in class which leads one to believe the teachers are not prepared beyond what is in the teacher's book for that subject.
Bullying is prevalent but while the school isn't very proactive, the local police department is. There isn't a school nurse or any health programs. From broken limbs to a cough, the parents are just called to pick up the student.
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There are 2 extracurriculars available to the students but they can only choose one: band or a 3 part revolving class of music, STEM and computers. There are some after school clubs but most kids don't even know they exist.
The staff and faculty care, but only once a parent gets involved. Lots of fundraising but none of the proceeds are spent on the students. Outside of academics, there are no options such as electives or field trips.
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