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My experience at Los Angeles Senior High School was interesting. There were times of excitement and certainly times of hardship. What I enjoyed most at Los Angeles Senior High School were the times spent with my friends engaging in sports activities or school activities. It was during those times that I grew most as an individual and understood myself and my capabilities better. By participating in different activities such as MESA, Soccer, Leadership, Bible Club, SRLA, Track & Field, Cross Country, and many others, I met a new and diverse set of people that have changed me for the better. I also enjoyed making connections with my teachers and staff on campus. Though there are other things that should be improved at our school, one important asset that should be improved is the school spirit. Without any school spirit, the students do not participate in any activities nor do they enjoy attending their own school. All in all, I have enjoyed my 4 years at Los Angeles Senior High School.
Most of the teachers really care about passing their knowledge to students. Teachers will always try to help you, and if you care a lot about a subject their subject they are happy to talk more in depth about it. The administration gets information to students most of the time, but they also have a lot of hiccups (ordering the wrong A.P exams, not listening to student feedback). The Music and Arts teachers really care about what they teach, putting a lot of their time on the subject and preparing students to learn what they need if they decide that they'll focus on these subjects in college. The same can be said about the STEM department. While the school may lack school spirit, they make it up in inclusiveness. There is room for any interest if you find the right club/friends to hang out with.
I like how the teachers really care about there students. My teacher that I really liked was Mrs. Habibian she is a really good teacher. The magnet program is also really good there.
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I remember as if it were yesterday, the first days I went to Los Angeles Senior school As a newcomer, the school needed to verify my fluency in English language; therefore, I had talks with my counselor. Due to being overly anxious, I answered my counselor's questions with hesitation and halting. With two questions, my counselor regarded me with scorn and told me to do the standardized test next week; it is kind of like saying “There was not any difference at all even if you do the test”. I left the counselor office with a sense of loss and despair; however, I exhorted my own soul with optimistic words and keep doing my works. Ultimately, I proved that I am adequately qualified to undertake a given task by passing the Maths and English replacement tests. Since then, I consistently effort to overcome all my struggles. Anyway, after overcoming that time, I enjoy this school especially teachers' supports that they encourage me to gain access with lots of extracurricular activities.
As a student who kept on changing schools i stuck with los angeles senior high school because i knew it was right for me. I felt right at home and teachers, staffs, and students treated me well
Los Angeles High school is not the best looking school, but it is very clean. People are very friendly, and for the most part there is very good education. The teachers are very attentive over the kids needs, and are willing to help. It is easy to get along with new people and find help with anything whenever it is needed because staff are very understanding, and active. There are pupils of different races which helps to make sure no one feels left out or discouraged about coming to school. One of the greatest things about this school are the extra curricular activities that they have which include a great variety of sports, dance clubs, band, poetry, and many different clubs for different cultures. Overall, the school is very welcoming and a great place to attend.
Throughout my time as a student there things were terrible. Many students at this school do not care about their education or their future. Most teachers at this school do not teach and they just give random assignments to keep students busy.
I find Los Angeles Senior High School to be a very enriching school that offers a great deal of classes and houses a lot of diverse students. Its teachers do their best in order to make sure that their students do their best. They offer a lot of fun after school activities and clubs that students can tailor to their needs. Whether they are active or passive members, all are warmly welcomed and seen as equals. Los Angeles Senior High School also has a rich background in Math and Sciences as students have participated in many MESA competitions and won multiple awards. They have also recently made an effort to bring back their Decathlon team, which I have competed in for two years now. I also love the area around the school, as it is safe for the students and has a lot of nearby resources for students such as stores and libraries. Overall, I find Los Angeles High Senior School to be a good place for students to pursue their education and use it as a stepping stone to college.
I liked that there are resources for college, you are able to be apart of programs that will help you at the start of being a freshmen in high school. I feel like there should be more parent involvement so that everyone is motivated and ready to start making plans for the child’s college plan/ life plan.
It is an alright school. It is in a good a good area. There is a nice park across the streetwith a library
The school has history and potential; however, there is almost no school spirit here. The clubs and the ARC program do help with improving the environment at school though.
Los Angeles High School is a decent school. Many of the staff truly care and dedicate effort for the students’ success, although not all are so considerate, which is to be expected. Overall, this school has a decent amount of opportunities for students of any background to achieve great things and receive support in preparing for college.
Los Angeles High School is stuck in the middle of nowhere. It has students and teachers which are college ready but at the same time ignores the other half. Administration paints the image that they want to help the students but they clearly just wanted to fill their quotas.
The school is slowly decreasing of students and loosing a lot of great teachers. The school is not getting any money to help make it a better environment for the students. Sports should be supported equally not only one sport is more important than the others. The school system should be better as well.
LaHigh is not a terrible school. They offer many extracurricular activities but fail to find adequate teachers. The academic counselors are really bad at helping students find classes they are going to succeed in. Overall, it needs tremendous improvement but can potentially be a great school.
I like to see more effort being put into students for success in college and in their current classes. I also want the school to have more school spirit, so it is more enjoyable.
I started going to Los Angeles Senior high School during 2018 - 2019 and honestly the school have a lot bad qualities. This is my first year attending LA high and I really don't like it. The school staff does not enforce any rule on school grounds. Most of the teachers don't do their jobs. School have a bad reputation
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LA HIGH can use some work. It has excellent teachers and they really try to help their students (not all but most do). But what I do want to see change is the food, the number of students in classes, and the awful bathrooms.For food, we are served cheap microwave heated for that I dont even know what is in it most times. There have been times where I have found raw food served to me or my friends. The number of students in classes is ridiculous. I have classes that have 40+ students. It doesnt seem like we have janitors because our restrooms are disgusting. Out of three restrooms in our main building (one on each floor), we are only able to use one. It gets packed with long lines and students are tardy due to the limited stalls. The restroom is always wet on the floor, have broken toilets or urinals, smelling of urine or Weed, and everyday before noon the paper towels run out. I would give it a 1 star but because of the amazing teachers i give it a 2.
The school has so much history in itself. There were plenty of staff that had a Huge impact on me and encouraged me to pursue higher education unfortunately the school gets a bad rep because there are many students that lack the motivation to pursue their dreams, weather thats higher education or an artistic career. With that being said I feel like the fund are also not being properly managed or perhaps I don't understand what it takes to run a school. Nonetheless I am proud that I was a part of this school and hope to give back to the school one day.
What I like about my high school is that the magnet program helps students achieve their goals by making sure that each student is aware of deadlines such as SATs or college applications. The magnet program helps prepare students by offering advance placements classes. The magnet faculty is attentive to students needs.
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