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Los Angeles School of Global Studies at Contreras Learning Complex Reviews

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As a senior, I have received many support from my teachers and organizations working alongside such as the Youth Policy Institute and City Year. The teachers are very supportive and so is the principle of the school.
What I liked about Los Angeles School of Global Studies was the introduction to PBL, Project Based Learning which encouraged it's students to work in teams and do projects together. It encouraged us to get connected with one another and get to know those in our class. Not only peers but also teachers and staff. I got to know most of the students in my academy and also got connections with teachers, staff and resources granted that I didn't even know of. Something I would like to change would be the technology offered to us in our school since some pieces are out of date and applications are old also, luckily the push for better technology and recent updates have been happening which have us students have a good high school experience.
I attended Global Studies when I was a freshman year and graduated. The school overall may sound easy but is very challenging. This school prepares students for the future. It's all about team work , working together. Each year they prepare students for a mock interview with professional experience people with certain jobs .The school prepares students for college and real life jobs and etc.
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There's always safety campuses all around the school, and normally during lunch there's no day that there's no supervision by a principal and others. It's alway a safety place to be in school
Clubs are heard once in a while that are being held in classes, it's up to students whether to take their time and attend. Currently I am also involved in a club where it's based on merchandise and design. It's a great development of skills within the help of teachers. We get to use the latest updated iMac computers which lets us to more opportunities. There's also teachers who are willing to stay after school to let students finish their work but as usual it's up to the student.
The teachers at school are supportive when work has to be done, and of course it's up to the students to do work that has not been done during their time. The school has an engaging process since its a tech school and normally in all classes we get a group to work with during a project, we even get graded what group members don't do. It's up to a contract we set up before beginning a project. The quality is consistent because it's our obligation to set up our time to do extra work.
There was no nurse available.
We don't even have a band, There was nothing too no involvement, nothing.
It is a good school, but it doesn't fit to every student. I really wanted to learn a lot more than I did. After graduating, I was left completely helpless in Community College.
There are some great teachers who respect and listen to their students, while others are just too self absorbed. Grading was pretty consistent in every grade with every teacher.
Most teachers at this school will evaluate and grade you based on whether or not every single person in your assigned group has completed their work on time (something you have no control over).
This is an okay school because students work in groups to solve a real based problem such as global warming or discuss about the positive/negative effects of street vending. While working in groups, students depend and rely on another and get to experience what it's like to work in groups.
Its a typical public school lunch food.
Mostly Latinos attended my school and if if they weren't Latino we did not exempt them.
I felt my social skills and problem solving skills became better.
I personally feel comfortable asking question in my classes and engage in conversations with my teachers.
They are all friendly and easy to talk too but there are times when opportunities are only offered to the people they are close with rather than all students and I find it unfair.
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It is a good feeling ot be part of a team but there are times when coaches singe out the best players in the team and leave the rest out.
As a member of National Honor Society you are a leader to your school and community. The students themselves organize themselves to have this club continue throughout the years with the help of a teacher. You are expected to have a 3.0 grade point average or higher and serve your community. At the end of the year we have an event called Relay for Life where we fundraise money to give to the cancer awareness association to find cure for cancer. This contributes to your growth academically, spiritually and personally.
The attention that our teachers gives us motivate me to keep working and studying hard for my grades. After a stressful or fun day at school I enjoy heading over to my cheer practice. It creates a sense of sisterhood and it helps me relax.
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