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The school is very good academically speaking. Teachers are very good at doing their job. It is a small school but i personally consider this as a better opportunity to get to know each other.
Lala is a very unique school but at the same time its not very good because we lack spirit. Apart from all of that lala is an attentive school when it comes to college readiness.
The school is pretty great because of the people though I will say there are some things you won't like. Remember if you don't like something or find something unfair start a change! If multiple people are seeing the same issue be the one to spark the action!
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My experience overall is okay. Currently they are having trouble in looking for teachers in certain subjects. Not much school spirit during our events. The new kids that are coming are making the school chaotic. I don't like that there are not many classes in science and language.
This school is an amazing school due to its small campus and it has less than 500 high school students. This gives your student the opportunity to be on a one on one conversation with the teacher if your student needs help. This is a social justice charter school. The staff is respectful and very strict if your student needs help in any given class. The school also gives your student after school tutoring if they need help in math, science, english, history etc. Overall this school is very good for your student in achieving good grades in high school and getting into a good college or university.
I've been in LALA since middle school. I like that teachers care for students who are college determined. Teachers are willing to give real advice about college if needed. The small class sizes are appreciable. Most classes have less than 20 students unless it’s an A-G course. This means that teachers in AP classes can easily help their students.
However, the teachers’ honest support barely outweighs the community's poor economic background. Qualified teachers leave for better opportunities, and clubs have little budget and participation. The leadership club tries its best to fund-raise to bring better awareness to tough subjects like suicide, but the lack of resources are glaring. There is always complaint for better school lunches: healthier food options, no packaged food, but the school can’t provide us that. Even so, the most important thing to be changed is the lack of funding. If there was more money for academics, teachers, and resources, there is potential for greatness.
Coming to this school was an amazing decision. I met a lot of great teachers that are eager to help me learn. The staff are really friendly and I am given a number of resources to help me on my academic journey.
This school has been a big part of my life for the past 7 years. I have gotten to know so many people who I hope will be able to be apart of my life in the future. The teachers have been so great and helpful in making sure I succeed.
Every student within the school will tell you a different experience. Every student dislikes and or likes the atmosphere of the school. I enjoyed the school since I made real connections with certain teachers as well as being connected to the school through my school involvement.
LALA is a great school. They help you with anything you need help on. They push you to do your best and they make sure you are successful. They give us many opportunities that I took advantage of. The staff and teachers were all nice and they even knew everyone's names which is something that is cool. That just shows that they care about us and want us to have a good future. My experience at that school for the past three years was great.
Still a small school. A lot of room for growth. They lack resources and a stable team of teachers. Dedicated students will still succeed but those who lack the dedication are better off going to a school that will keep track of them better. We do have to give them credit because they have started to add more AP classes and more opportunities for students.
I enjoy LALA. I have been apart of LALA since 6th grade. Throughout my 7 years here at LALA, I have managed to succeed academically, physically, and emotionally. The amount of support and benefits LALA provides is impeccable. I believe that LALA is a family based school due to the similarities between one another and size. No student has to worry about their name being unknown, lack of help and support, everyone has someone to go to. Although, the things that can change at LALA are the incoming students that think it's okay to trash our school. They lack maturity and not only does it affect them, but the whole school.
The teachers here are driven activists in which allow for the students to think differently. This bases our communities strength due to the involvement in certain protests, rallies, etc. On the other hand, this school needs much improvement with their organization. Meaning, they must put in more work when planning school activities to ultimately demonstrate better school spirit.
If you want your child to be treated with respect and open arms, DO NOT COME HERE. I was at LALA since 6th grade. I will be a junior this upcoming 2018/19 year and will be going somewhere else!! I wish I could've done so sooner. The kids and staff here have abhorrent behavior and personalities.. lacking empathy and respect for the people around them.. the kids will also be racist towards you if you're not Latino. Even though I am Latino, I was often judged and felt not welcome here. The "social justice" concept is a joke!! the school even takes in kids who were kicked out of other schools. No diversity at all.. Aside from the people there being awful, the school is small and cramped, teachers and staff are constantly being replaced, and you don't get a good selection of classes you would get at a normal high school.
If you're a new student, good luck being making friends! You'll very likely be teased.. it's best if you go somewhere else. LALA is a joke.
I have been with this school since sixth grade. This fall, I will be advancing to freshman year in this school, as it is a K-12. Sixth and seventh grade were perfect, although there were some instances of racism against the Asian students by the Latino students who make up 90% of the school demographics. It was slightly boring as the material was much too easy for me. Eight grade was slightly better material-wise, but the behavior of the students was utterly abysmal. In college, I wish to migrate as far away from those types of students who will either be dropouts or somehow make it to college for reasons I cannot comprehend.
My experience at “LALA” was a once in a lifetime experience and I am so glad I spent my high school years at this school. It’s a small school which madebit feel like a family. Everyone here truly cares about the students and their future.
I've been attending LALA since 7th grade and now I will be an incoming junior in 2018 Fall. For 5 years, I've watched my school and our community grow. Through staff, extracurricular activities and field trips, the school has developed a family. The staff at LALA build bonds that are impossible to forget. Everyone knows everyone at LALA because of the enjoyable atmosphere. Extracurricular activities have expanded due to the recent add of CIF Sports which begun 2017 Fall. With only the first year of CIF, all teams in every sport did outstanding. The school offers field trip in which prepare us for college, for example, field trips to law firms and businesses. But with its positives, LALA isn't perfect. My school could use more space, better restrooms, better food but we all know its the not school's entire fault about the food. As many flaws that there are about LALA, the positives outweigh the negatives. I love LALA with its rusty building and kindred spirits.
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I currently attend Los Angeles Leadership Academy as a Senior student. The school itself may not be one of the greatest and most renovated buildings, but the faculty tries their best to implement as much new possibilities for the students to enjoy. I find the school a great one due to its size as well. With less than 500 students, connections are built among this well-knit community of students all from almost the same community. It is a great environment to interact with students and faculty, and this experience overall has shown me the benefits to a small school environment.
I'm a former student of this school. During my years at this school, the teachers, and the college counselor were very helpful in preparing students for college and university. The school is a college-preparatory school, so it mainly focused on general educational classes. It lacked in some areas like a lack of diversity, after school clubs and activities, food, and only providing three creative classes such as a drama, film, and an art class and one language class which was Spanish. I don't know if the school still has those classes, but it was okay when I was a student there.
Has it's mind and heart in the right place. It is a social justice school so it focuses on helping the community and advocating for justice around the globe.
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