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Los Angeles International Charter High School Reviews

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Los Angeles International Charter High School is a very good school. I like that it is a small school so everyone knows each other and teachers can pay attention to students individually. The only thing that I can think of that I would want to change or fix is that we don't go on a lot of field trips at all. Besides this issue Los Angeles International Charter High School is a great place.
I feel about this school how most of the real reviewers feel. This school needs lots of work! They are on their second set of administration that I know of and it now needs to close or bring on the next set of staff. The current administration will tell what ever lie is needed to stay open and or keep your child enrolled. Staff come and go and the stories follow ,students come and go and the stories follow. I was lied to by those in charge at this school from day 1 and they continue to lie even as the school is being faced with closing down! Send your child ANYWHERE but here.
The school is great opportunity for parents who want there kids to get a good education. LAICHS is a good school because they will help your kid get the education they need. My experience through out the school has been outstanding.Whenever I need help on subject the teacher would make sure i got it before moving on or will help me find a short way to understand.
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The school has a very small campus but doesn't let that stop it from being the best school it can. I met many new people and learned a lot which I felt is great to start of high school. There was some issues my first year but not with me, with the admin. the admin had done some pretty shady thing with taking money from the school or something like that. In the end, a lot of the admin at the time had been removed and there was no issue with the admin for the rest of my time here. The teachers I met here were of course amazing. I connected with most of them the same way a friend would. They taught with enthusiasm and helped when it was needed. Most of all they were dedicated. If they believed you can do something they would push you to do it and not give up on you. On the contrary, there was some teachers that were not really teachers but they were let go of. Over all, I enjoyed my time at LAICHS
This high school is very good because the teachers are very caring and understanding towards the students.
I have attended Los Angeles International Charter High School, since my freshman year and I have been able to witness the changes that have taken place throughout the years. As a freshman, I was very disappointed in the culture and atmosphere in the school. I dreaded going to school every day. Fortunately, within the next two years there were changes in staff, the school atmosphere, professional relationships between students and teachers, and student engagement. Students became more engaged with their studies while administrator and staff worked hard to create a more welcoming environment for their students. Los Angeles International Charter High School has changed for the better and is a great college preparatory school. Although the school takes pride in their approximately two hundred student, it is a very small campus and I believe it would be better to have more space. Thank you to the staff for not giving up on their students.
The school has gone through many problems and downfalls, enough to make me think it may be a little cursed, but the teachers there are supportive and hardworking and will help make sure you pass high school and get into college.
Small school, able to thrive if you make the right choices. Just know what you're getting yourself into
During my years at LAICHS the school was a lot like a family. It was a really small institution with my graduating class consisting of no more than 28 students. The teachers and administration were all friendly and the open relationships between the staff and students inspired a sense of respect commitment to education even amongst the more rowdy students.
Small school and very easy to remember names and faces. Education wise can improve but this whole school is an improving process. I like the school because it is so small and teachers do get one on one conversations with students. We have events and our school spirit is there. We can adjust it a bit but we have school spirit. The teachers do care for your future and will help you with the most and the small things. They do not want to see you fail as a student and as a human. Help with counseling for those troubled ones.
laichs is a very diverse school. Some classrooms have hands on learning while other classrooms are made up of lectures. Laichs gives a college feel and gets you right on track for college.
its a very small school about 300, maximum students attend. Students do not have the necessity to taunt or bully other students since the school is pretty small. Some changes that the school needs are, the amount teachers that come and go because of personal reasons. Also the school needs to include more sports, the only sports they have are; Basketball for both genders, Volleyball for girls only, Soccer for boys only,Cross Country for both genders, Softball and Baseball.
LAICHS is a small school, which is really nice because you can get to know everyone and you can get a lot of one on one time with the teachers. On the other hand, because it's small we don't get a lot of funding, but you can make do here.
My experience attending LAICHS for 4 years now have been pretty good.Its a small school which makes everyone know eachother since its so small.Its like a family and everyone is so nice.I dont think the school has to change in anway, its fine just the way it is.
Attending for about two years only, this small charter High school makes it a good environment to know the staff and students. Being small though has its drawbacks as it isnt your typical high school. Needs improvement financially to make the school look better and feel good. Made up by mostly hispanics, teachers try their best to give the best of academics. Placing studies before sports, the players of each team are good especially volleyball! overall an average school but could be better.
I have attended this school since my freshman year every year half the staff and teachers leave. We are put in in any class they want. In AP Chemisty we did not have a teacher for a few weeks in the beginning of the year. We have had so many substitutes in every class that we cant count how many.
I liked the "family" environment it gave off. It also seemed like a good choice since there was a fairly small student population, that meant a good one-on-one communication with staff. I would suggest better hiring and teacher retention. Also, a more positive vibe between students and staff.
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It's a pretty small school but everyone is very nice and close. The setting of the school is very calm. I have been here since Freshman year and have enjoyed my time. The teachers care and work with you one on one rather than in other high schools where they only work with a few students. The class size are pretty small.
I liked the small environment and the location of the school. The material they would teach us was advanced.
the academic they provide at my school at very good compared to other schools I have heard of. It just depending on the teachers on whether they teach well or not
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