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Los Angeles High School of the Arts (LAHSA) Reviews

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What I like about LAHSA is that it was like a second home to me. I felt welcomed when I started, had great relationships with the teachers, counselors, and mostly with the students. At LAHSA when I was having trouble with other people or with myself, I always counted people to help me out and turns out that they helped me solve my problems at school. I really love that school, even though this is my last year, I won't be able to finish it like other alumni's did.
I really like the investment in the theatre department. Though I am not an artistic person, I have learned many valuable skills attending this school. This school has opened many doors for me in regards to internships and jobs.
This school offers so many opportunities and is there not only as a school serving education but as a family.
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I like how the teachers are understanding and the work is not hard. What I would to see change is the laptops, the laptops are really old and most of the time they do not work, students need more resources as in textbooks, more tutors, and it would be nice if students went to more field trips
LACHSA fosters an excellent community of young artists who are honing their respective craft. I really enjoyed how half of the academic day is devoted to Arts classes. I was in the Visual Arts program and there was a large variety of classes I could take in many different areas of art. Being partially hosted on the campus of CalState Los Angeles meant that we had access to some of their facilities including their ceramics studio and printmaking lab; learning these skills helped me greatly in both my personal practice and in my current college career.
My experience in LAHSA is amazing. I have met some wonderful people there. LAHSA carries a school full of excellent and bright people. The staff there have great relationships with the students and care much for them.
I mean the arts are good I guess? I don't really have a lot to say that'ss good, but not much that could be a potential deal-breaker.
Some of the staff make you wonder why they’re working at a school when they don’t care about the students
This is a very small school with about 17 classrooms. It is one of the pilot schools in the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools and it’s academy focuses on theatre, acting and design. We have had many students do internships and competitions in these two categories. We have done many productions in which the students design and build the set, including designing and making the costumes and lighting as well. We have student assistant directors, student stage managers and have students do the light board operating and sound. We have all student actors in any grade. This school does a wonderful job in teaching students professionalism through theatre and many of the other classes in which we practice presenting very often.
I strongly believe LACHSA is built for a certain type of person. It does not require the loudest, most outgoing; the student must be mentally prepared to take on much academic as well as art homework. Staff is extremely supportive of arts and intergrades it with the academic studies. I enjoy my time at LACHSA.
As a graduated student in LAHSA, I was able to discover my passion in arts, also able to express myself without being criticized.
I liked their message. Some of the teachers do care about teaching however it all falls short when students aren't paying attention and it's evidently shown on the teachers' face when they are stressed out. Maybe more programs to promote LAHSA's message of showing citizenship, collaboration, communication, etc.
LACHSA is a great place to surround yourself with creative thinkers, diverse viewpoints, and generally kind people. As a LACHSA student, you inhabit a relatively small but rather diverse community of artists, a privilege in itself. The fact that you're getting free conservatory-style training is incredible. I do wish there was better organization the administrative level, however. Also, more inter-departmental collaboration would be nice. Arts and academics could be better coordinated so as not to overbook students at bad times.
LACHSA is special because it's an arts school, and on that level it delivers. You'll make great friends who are special because you can relate to them on a level beyond just being stuck in the same classroom. LACHSA will give you the time and guidance to refine your artistic talent, and the resources it can provide considering budget restrictions. However, the academic classes are a very mixed bag; there are some excellent teachers and some terrible ones. If you are not naturally inclined to take your education beyond note-taking in the classroom, it may be difficult to learn from some teachers who seem stuck in their routine. That being said, nobody goes to LACHSA to become a mathematician, and the artistic talents of the students are far more important to the students than academic classrooms. That's where you'll get to watch your peers grow and really apply yourself. With the right willingness to learn and improve, you won't find a more nurturing artistic environment than LACHSA.
The community is extremely disconnected as all the students seem against each other to get roles. its so competitive that its hard to find trustworthy people who will support you in your area of study.
LACHSA has absolutely changed my life. I wouldn't have found my passion or realized what career I wanted to pursue if I had never decided to enroll. The culture there constantly pushes you to work harder in your own art and provides an environment of work that is both challenging and rewarding.
I graduated in 2016, and I am proud to be an alumni from LAHSA. I am thankful because LAHSA taught me so much. This school taught me so much about the theather world. Although I am not planning to pursue theather in college, I did learn vital skills.LAHSA enhanced my communication and presentation skills. They provided many tools and we were lucky to have access to resources that are rare in other schools. The school is very nice and modern. Also the theather we performed in is beautiful.
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I like this school is a Performing Arts school. You get to collaborate with others and learn from them. Most teachers care if you do well in your future and they also care about the students' feelings. Although, the stairs are hard to walkup every morning.
Great school for talented kids. Great college fair in October. LACHSA is a public and tuition-free school. Hard to get in.
I just recently graduated from LAHSA. I still remember walking in as an eighth grader looking for a high school that best fits me. I have grew so much as a student and an individual. This school has the best academic teacher/ faculty who supports you and rules for you! Being an actress allowed me to find my voice. I have gained so much confidence in my work. I was a producer for our school podcast for two years in my AP English class! I was also student body president. This year, I will be attending a liberal arts private school in Pennsylvania called Lycoming College.If you are looking for a supportive system with a great group of faculty and staff and you are open about performing arts then lahsa is fit for you. This school is all about stepping out of your comfort zone either on stage or in a classroom.
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