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It isn’t as bad as I thought it would be since my freshman year.Also the teacher and staff are really good(most of them). The sports are getting better just need more supports.
Since enrolling in sixth grade to becoming the class of 2020 LACES has been an excellent school. It's always been welcoming towards everyone. It's an extremely awesome school that understands the potential that each and every student brings to the community.
Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies was an amazing experience. The teachers, counselors, administrators were very helpful and considerate. Although it was an academic school I wish it valued sports more.
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I am currently a sophomore at LACES and have been attending LACES since sixth grade. The classes are a perfect way to challenge your academic skills as the staff really care about each and every student. Although the academics are great, our sports do tend to suffer. We don't have football or much school spirit but it's still a great school.
LACES has a reputation for being the most academically challenging public school in LAUSD, and to a large extent I agree with that expectation. My time there (since 6th grade) has helped me meet my very best friends as well as be in a competitive environment where I am constantly learning and developing. A couple downfalls of LACES is are its sports programs are small with no spirit or support. Also the competitive environment often leads students to push themselves into several APs, which they aren't ready for. In recent years the older teachers have been leaving, and in all honesty the newer teachers are just not the same caliber as the old ones. My biggest struggle is finding extra curricular activities since not many are offered, but with research I have found several that are right for me. The academic challenge has benefited me in many ways, and I would highly recommend LACES to anyone else (but if you have a sport prodigy this is not the school for them.)
It's technically a good school academically, but I don't like how it's a middle and high school. I joined in 8th grade and I feel like I'm not as connected with the school as people who have been there since 6th grade.
My experience at LACES was amazing. I have been there since sixth grade (i am currently a senior) and I can see that over time students have sadly taken advantage of how great this school really is. There are some teachers and admin who truly care about their students. We might not be the best at sports but we do have lots of student activities and events. It is possible to have a school with lots of school spirit but it all depends on whether the student will take pride in their school and have fun. But the number one thing I believe made my middle and high school experience so memorable were the all the friends we meet and all memories we made since we all basically grew up together.
LACES is an incredible school if you’re searching for college preparedness. There are lots of resources to prepare all students no matter what grade for their future. The teachers do their best along with all the other staff.
A very good school with lots of diversity and very smart kids. The school is small and not very clean, but the students are generally nice and pretty intelligent. The school is a college prep MAGNET school, and the classes (especially AP classes) are very rigorous.
Good school that has prepared me for college, but has not taught me much else about what to do with my life after it.
I love that at my school everyone wants you to succeed, but I do not like the competitiveness and the level of maturity my school has because of the middle school students. My school can also be dirty at times.
LACES is the best school in terms of preparing for college. The rigorous classes provide the foundation for what college will be like. There are so many different activities to participate in such as sports, clubs, and other extra curriculars.
It's a great school and makes sure to be engaging with the students. I personally love it here. The clubs are fun and the teachers are super nice. I love it here!!!
The academic experience offered at LACES is pretty challenging and diverse, giving students the opportunity to actively engage in the classroom with other peers and their teachers.
The school, Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies, is a magnet school of sixth to twelfth grades and is an average school to receive the most average education possible.
The teachers really do care at LACES. They want you to succeed and thats why the make the classes hard on the students. I appreciate that we have such a big emphasis on academics like that but the sports area is lacking. LACES doesn't have a lot of school spirit in part because sports games aren't that important. If the student body hyped up sports games more and if there was a higher turnout rate during games the school as a whole would be more unified.
LACES is one of the best schools in terms of college preparation and guidance through the college application process. As a senior, I visit our College Center almost daily, sometimes just to say hi to our College Counselors who know us all by name, ask about our families, and take time out of their busy schedules to provide support to us. There are so so so many clubs open to students to join, to branch out and explore! In addition, the combination of the middle with high school students on one campus allows the transition between middle to high school become more smooth, as well as allows middle schoolers to seek solace and guidance from upperclassmen who have been in their shoes once before.
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LACES is good for academics (the science/math curriculum is especially popular and rigorous). It's not good for anyone trying to pursue a non-academic career (for example, a trade or a sports/artistic career). AP Computer Science is offered, but the class is pretty weak at the moment. LACES also offers AP classes that help prep students for college-level research and writing.

LACES's curriculum is generally well-rounded, and there are a LOT of AP classes. (The music/2D/3D art department is decent and well-developed, but the school and students' hyper-fixation on academics doesn't allow these classes to shine).

Students are generally nice and well-behaved, but they fixate on grades to the point of obsession. Students are highly recommended to have a rigorous courseload (3-4 AP classes is considered average). There's a lot of stress. People cheat. (Some get caught, some don't.)

Most students have known each other since 6th grade, but transfer students fit in pretty quickly.
Very good education overall. There has been a lot of improvement in the school since I started. High school teachers are for the most part amazing. Some struggle in social situations, but there are continually more programs/clubs to help students. A lot of pressure around college, but also a lot of support around it.
LACES has so many AP classes to offer with experienced teachers who are really dedicated to preparing you for college.
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