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This School had the right goal; those goals never came to light. This was for a number of issues. This School was great for pushing a Religious viewpoint nothing else. Due to the Teachers being fresh out of college (Some never went to college), tried to prove they were still young and relatable. Teachers would join in the bullying of other students. Many teachers had relationships with students. The Administrations reviewed the students as a debit card. Example: Money that was given to the school by parents and sponsors for a trip to Hawaii. The administration then took that money and used for the tuition of other students with no option of a refund to a student with no pending tuition fees. Academics was a joke for those that went there that is reading this I'll just say the "Magic Bridge". Diversity was 140 Black students, 10 Latinos overall no Diversity.
Very small good for elementary, I don't feel its challenging enough for middle school and not enough exposure for high school.
I have been attending LAAA since my freshman year in high school. I enjoy the tight knit environment, but it would be nice to have more students. As a result of being a seventh day adventist school, they promote going to their colleges. Therefore, I don't get a full opportunity to explore more colleges. I don't feel confident that I'm prepared for the type of college that I want to attend. There are a few teachers who are preparing me, but overall I feel like they can do better. We are very low on resources, we don't even have AP classes which I have requested to take.
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it is good it is great it is awesome
everything is good at tis school in my eyes just send your kid there if it is still open by the time the kid is old enough
the school is good for elementary kids and some religious highschollers
As a junior we have physical education everyday except Fridays for 40min. We also have healthy lunch meals which aree also tasty. For snacks, instead of selling hot Cheetos and soda, my school sells baked chips or kettle cooked chips, and Gatorade or sparkling water.
Laaa is a character building school ... It teaches students how to get along with people as well as how to respect others
I was able to get involved in sports and clubs, and the teachers I had really pushed me to move forward with my education.
Our principal is very trustworthy and cares for they're students.
We have a good resources because we just open our new computer lab last year.
I learn a lot of different things over the past four years that will help me in life.
Our academic are great especially because we have a academic vice who is always checking on students to see where they are
We mostly have African American and Hispanics.
Our coach is tough but hes only tough on us to make us better and many of the people that graduate from here go on to play college sports.
I used to struggle in English but since we got a new English teacher I learn new things everyday.
I love this school you grow mentally and physically
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It is really fun having fewer clubs because the fewer the club the more people want to join.
This school creates quite a few opportunities after graduation, however they are usually geared to encourage students to select the same four or five schools that their conference supports. I requested that they add some type of college readiness program, or a college prep class, but once again they said that the choice depends on what the conference allows. I do feel like this school has prepared me for many real-life experiences, and has also provided me with many mentors that have told me to keep in contact with them. There are still problems that could be fixed at the school, but overall I had an enjoyable experience attending there.
The basketball team is really good and all students are encouraged to try out for sports. We have a full sized gym so P.E is fun. We have a nice sized field and tennis courts. Students often come to support all of our sports teams rather they be good or bad. We have an excellent atmosphere.
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