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Los Angeles Academy of Arts & Enterprise Charter School Reviews

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I like this school. It really does have culture which makes me feel just like home. The teachers are all very helpful and succeed to our every necessity. Although we don’t appreciate this school as much, it really helps us academically. This schools gives all of us a 2nd chance to do it right this time. This is something we don’t take advantage of enough but that will hopefully soon enough change.
Teachers and students become family. It has many opportunities for any student interested in sports. The school culture there is amazing.
Despite it being a small and under resourced school, this school made me who I am. The teachers are completely engaged in the lives of their students. They’re passionate and deeply care about their work. When they weren’t provided with enough, the teachers and staff went out of their way to make sure the students had what they needed by constantly sacrifice their time and money. Since it’s a small school, the students also have enough individual time with their teachers. This also makes for a great school environment. Everyone knows each other and can be comfortable in who they are. It’s also incredibly easy to talk with someone in charge when a problem does arise. It’s in this way that the school produces bright and caring students that are ready to make the world a better place, just like the world their teachers and staff created for them.
The only thing I would change about the school, given the chance, would be the amount of resources it has.
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During this past 4 years in my High School experience with Los Angeles Academy o Arts and Enterprise I have was unforgettable because we are a family that works together. Also the teachers help everyone no matter if you are a student of the teacher. To conclude LAAAE was the best choice for the past 4 years of my High Student.
Los Angeles academy of arts and enterprise is a school that lets you know that are welcome, what I really like about this is school is that the environment is so friendly, every single staff will know your name a couple of weeks later after going in, they make sure you feel confortable and also they make sure you are in track to make it to graduation on time.
What I like about the school is that, because the student to teacher ratio is small, you can build a close relationship to all the teachers and staff, becoming one big family.
Something that I like from Los Angeles Academy of Arts and Enterprise is the teachers. They were/are great people. They are willing to help all students. They help me a lot. LAAAE does not have its own school. They need their own property to be more comfortable.
Many teenagers decide to go to big public schools, but I decided to attend a charter school. Although our school was only about 300 students it was a great school. Teachers where able to work with you one on one when ever you needed help. There was always someone to help you with anything that you needed for example like your homework, study for a test, and applying to colleges. I received a lot of help and support from staff and classmates.
It is very pleasant to be part of clubs like SGA and NHS. We always try to be involved with our community.
This school consists of a small amount of student. The class ratios are very good because we had interaction with the teachers. The athletic programs may not be the best, but we had pride in our wolves.
The teachers are very focused with their lessons and try to get at every student. They adjust to how their students learn the best. They give up weekends to have a study session.
It was an amazing school and there is a lot of academic opportunities and they prepare you academically. The teachers are amazing. I would choose this school again only because the staff is amazing.
We have an after school program that provides everything we need for programs . Suggestions are always taken so if you wanna start something , we talk to them
We only have 3 sports : soccer, volleyball and cross country . Games are usually during school hours so no one really goes
My school is from 6 - 12 . Everyone knows each other so the environment is ok. Fights don't happen that often so it's pretty good here. All the students know who our security guard is so any trouble your in you'll mess with him.
We are a very small school that is located in a minority community,we may not have much, but we are very united, we all know each other and care for one another. If I could do it all over aging I would't over think it for a second and say YES!
How much you put in will be how much you get out of it.
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It isn't the best, it is a really small school so not many people get involved. When I was there I participated in the girls soccer team. We weren't the best but the we did win some tournaments and games.
we have very limited space.
they always have salads or fruits available for the students.
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