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Los Angeles Academy Middle School Reviews

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It was great to make good connections, and I felt prepared with information on doing my best in high school. Teachers were very encouraging, the honors program and gifted program strive to prepare students for higher education. There were few after school sport programs, but student involvement in other activities (such as The Drama Club) were excellent resources!
The school is too big for my preference and it reduces the chance of students to have a more one on one experience with teachers.
Not really enforiced or taken into consideration.
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Teachers do not care much about the students personal or educational choices.
My overall experience at this school was just that, experience. I was never pushed to do better, doing okay was enough. Passing with a D was enough to culminate. I was never told that the habits I learned during those three years would be with me the rest of my school years and if they weren't good habits it would be the worst for me. During my three years there counselors and staffs were worried about everything besides the well being of the student environment, hence the fact there was a fight every single day of the week. Every week, of every month, all three years. If I could go back to the start of my middle school years I would beg my mom to not let me enroll into that school. I would've preferred going to a school who would have kept me on the right path so that the change to high school wouldn't have been so hard.
Teachers are not really inagging.
Students were not really pressured.
They do not really anucnce the clubs they have.
It was some thing they some times talked about.
There are no sports clubs or anything of that sort in this middle school.
There is not much of variety during lunch probably maybe two to three options.
There would be a drama club that would perform in the library during lunch once in a while.
Always on the look-out for any misbehavior and took as many precautions as possible.
The school is pretty big it has an abundance of students to meet on your first day of school, it is all about just doing your best and staying out of trouble.
The safety of the students is important at this particular school the faculty seemed somewhat caring however when I attended this school fights between students would be somewhat continuous.
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