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The school has no security it really does not need it because most of the time they are informed of bad situations. The school nurse is very friendly and helpful, whenever you need something they had it for you.
They offer a lot of ways to help the students. For those good at math, they offer them Athletes. For those good at science or english they offer Science Olympiad. For those who love technology there is Cyberquest. Those who loved to build stuff there was Robotics.
I learned so much at the school it made my life way more easier in High school. Most other students would have loved to go to that school.
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Most of them supported the students and helped a lot.
My school is very safe.
I always feel like I can ask my teachers for help if needed and that it is always available to me.
I love my music department, playing violin in it, but not everything is the best.
I say its great however because I am involved in 2 sports and multiple clubs so...
I love Los, being a part of the music program and polo has been great!
Most teachers are interested in helping their students; of course, only if the student wants to be helped.
There weren't many opportunities for sports and activities at this school, except for physical education.
I was in a Spanish club at my school, where I learned to improve my comprehensive skills. It was very helpful.
They have staff who are very nice to the students and who care a lot for the well being of the kids.
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