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I would say that the school is better than average since the sports and activities are ok. The teachers can be hit or miss but the ones I have had were good and dedicated to their work.
As a junior in Los Amigos High School, I consider the school to have great programs to help students prepare for college. As a student in Avid, I know my teacher is always looking out for her students, helping them with academics, personal issues, or even talking to them if they ever feel alone. Our school also promotes clubs throughout the hallways to showcase the amazing clubs that are offered. I can definitely say I have made amazing friends and memories by joining clubs such as Key Club, Red Cross, NHS, and more. Joining clubs and volunteering is a fun way my peers and I stay connected and serve our community at the same time. With so many clubs, students are able to show their culture and school spirit weekly by hosting spirit weeks and displaying the benefits of their clubs during assemblies. Besides clubs, our school also offer all sorts of classes; however, since this is a some school it can be challenging to enroll in a class.
Many of them always take school works seriously. I would say that most of the students here are good at English than Math. Our teachers are dedicated, thoughtful and supportive. Our clubs and school activities have changed drastically since last year. I am not sure why it happens but I feel welcomed and opened to sign up for many events. I am so thankful to all the new facilities we have this year such as the brand new gym, a new set of lockers for sophomores, repair of swimming pool, new computers in the library and fixed building for the Art, English and Language Department. Students have the freedom to express their opinion in class. I think our academic stats are about average compare to other high schools in CA. Lobos population is mostly Hispanic and Asian students that live near the school area. I think Los Amigos would fit any students that have different backgrounds because we welcome all kinds of people.
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With a new change in principals and assistant principals, the atmosphere of the school is much more positive.
They have currently established a program where the classes that you are taking at this high school also give you actual college credit. It’s similar to a dual enrollment program without having to go to college. This classes may provide transferable credits to the university of your choice.
I enjoy my time so far here at Los Amigos High school. Most of my teachers are very helpful and really good at teaching. Even though some of them are not able to teach well, they try their best and will try to clarify. There are plenty of resources on campus for students such as the computer lab and library.
Diverse campus, alot of clubs and teachers being involved in student success. Many ROP courses for xtra credits
I like it because the environment is very safe and nice. All of the teachers care for their students and spend time after school in case the students need help with their work. Bullying is very rare because all of the students tend to tell adults when they see something suspicious or not feel safe.
I’ve been a Los Amigos Student since my freshman, So far I’ve had good experiences everyone there are very educated and good manners. Going to Los Amigos High School we expect high educations but overall, it’s a good school!
Overall, School is average, kind of below average. Environment is clean, but trashed by students. Teachers get their job done, but does not do more to help advance students skills.
This school could use a lot of work in many areas, including faculty, academics, and diversity, however it is improving with our new principal, Dr. Avina. She has been a great replacement from our previous principal and has made many efforts to create a more welcoming and enjoyable environment at school from taking selfies with students and attending many school evens. Los Amigos may be the greatest school, however, the people aren't that bad.
My first year at Los Amigos was intense because it was my first year of high school plus I had no idea what was to come. I was very afraid and nervous about making mistakes and then becoming the laughing stock of the school. But then I realized that at Los Amigos they don't judge nor laugh at you, they give you a hand to get right back up and inform you that making mistakes is acceptable. Furthermore what I like about Los Amigos is how involved the students are at the school, and how well everybody gets along with each other, either its the students or the teachers. Los Amigos is also very good at making their students feel welcomed at all time, I personally sometimes feel like I'm at home. I would like to see Los Amigos change or add more clubs and activities for their students to be involved in and give athletes more options to fundraise during school.
I like Los Amigos High School because everyone there is really caring and respectful. Everyone treats each other with respect and kindness, even the teachers there get along with all the students and that's what schools want to have more communication with the teachers. Everything that we have there at Los Amigos is great I wouldn't like for anything to change. I just want it to maintain the same always.
Teachers have the desire for their students to succeed. School counselors are determined to help students find future success. The front office administrators do not have the best attitude when asked for assistance. Factors that should change is the school lunch and how senior privilege do not apply.
I like the students and teachers that are at this school, however, the environment here at times is not what I call adequate. It is an overall okay school.
Los Amigos High School is a very good school in which I would recommend many students to come to this school. This school represents full support in which many teacher, counselors, and students get along very well. We can always depend on each other as a family.
Something I really like about Los is how a lot of teachers really do care about you and there are a lot of tutoring opportunities in that school. Something o would like to see change is the sport could be better but most of the students aren’t that spirited, but that’s fine.
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Throughout my four years of high school I have had an excellent time at Los Amigos High School. There will always be at least one teach who you could relay on and trust whenever there is hard moments you might be going through. There is a lot of classes that are afford in this school and lots of enjoyable clubs too. One thing I will always be proud is that this school gave me lots of open doors when there was moments that I thought there was nothing else for me to do here as a student. All staffs and teachers are always a good resource to go to when it comes to life after high school situations.
through out my high school years I played water polo I did two years of junior varsity and then did two years of varsity. During my junior years of varsity we had won undefeated league championship. I remember that being the high light of my high school years. I'd say my high school experience was really good I got to be involved but what I picked up from everything was being part of a team and learning how to engage with others.
Los Amigos High School has a very united community and encourages students to always try their best. School spirit posters are hung on the senior stage in the middle of campus so that students who walk into school or are on their way to class, can have a reminder that YOU can achieve anything you put your mind to. Counselors and other staff are extremely caring and observant of the students on campus in case someone is silently in need of help.
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