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I like that everyone at the school is very friendly. Of course not every school is the best school because there could still be improvements. For improvements I would say having more support from teachers and staff.
Great institution. The departments are really well funded, and the school offers a wide variety of opportunities from research to structured clubs.
If you aren't a member of ASB, administration + vice-principals are less likely to cooperate with you. The teachers don't encourage students to do more than the bare minimum of prepping for tests, and will "keep you with the group." There are two student groups: slackers and overly toxic competitors. This is reflected in the only academic tracks the school offers, which are either way too easy regular courses or hectic AP courses. Good mental health is scarce on campus. If you're into STEM, then this school is good for you (being in Silicon Valley). If you're not, don't expect to be supported by peers or counselors -- they're used to kids wanting to do CS or some form of engineering.
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Very great school academics wise. Teachers are also very helpful and educated! Socially, however, very competitive on one end and hard to make friends on the other.
I've moved to this school very recently, I used to attend Great Oak High school and moved recently. This school by far has been amazing. Everything from the Teachers to the schools facility are great. All of my teachers are amazing and very helpful and very engaged with their students. The students at this school are very kind and were willing to go out of way to help me around and even give me a tour of the school. The school also offers programs like counseling, collage help and free tutoring too. As far as academics and sports the school is very competitive. Facilities here are very well maintained and kept in excellent condition. The student body is also very diverse. Overall I really like my school and I know for a fact that anyone else that might transfer here would too. GO LAHS!
Great school, Great teachers and friendly staff. Students are very open and kind. Great counselors and school offers tons of support to students. The school offers a variety of classes and clubs and sports are encouraged. Great school overall.
I really like the spirit and energy coming from teachers, students, and the administration. The student body also does a great job organizing events, fundraising, and bringing life to campus. A lot of teachers are very willing to help you with any situation and are very lenient.
The teachers really want to see students succeed and they will do anything to help students. If it weren't for the administration I would probably give I a better rating however the administration does not seem to care about the students. Instead of fixing the obvious WiFi, the administration decided to give us another quad we don't need.
It has been a really good experience. There are teachers that care for you and try their best to help you succeed. Theres a lot of college support and readiness. They make sure to prepare you and you can always ask for help.
This is a great, academically challenging school with teachers who care. In my years I have grown more than I ever thought I could and my teachers never gave up on me.
Frankly my experience at Los Altos was ok. It really is what you make your experience but it is really stressful. The competitive nature that Los Alto creates is really rough for students that have anxiety as well as depression.
I really loved my time at LAHS. I felt prepared for college and didn’t feel like it was that hard to transition from high school courses to college-level. The teachers care about each of their students and the English department rocks!
I like how many clubs and activities are offered. I also like how we have a tutorial every Tuesday and have all these different resources if we ever need anything!
It was a great experience! The school is very diverse and some of the teachers are very qualified. Their help and preparation towards college is incredible.
The academics were no walk in the park, and they were sufficiently challenging. The environment was good, and there are many fun events that the school plans. This school also has a good balance between academics, fun events, sports, etc.
Most of the teachers are very experienced and therefore provide an excellent education. Located in Silicon Valley, this school has many resources for students and plenty of guest speakers. Few downsides are the limited parking, not so great football team, and the fact that there aren't enough counselors (there are too many students assigned to each counselor which makes getting an appointment difficult).
As a Junior at Los Altos High School I have had a very good experience with academics, teachers, sports, administration, support etc..I am really happy there and excited for my sister to be attending next year. The staff has been very supportive to me on my 504 as well.
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It is a very rigorous environment in that it emphasizes both academics and extracurricular activities, but it also offers many fun school-wide activities.
Overall, Los Altos High gave a me good experience. However, there were some aspects that really bothered me to some extent. For example, our rallies lacked student pride, and my best guess is due to the fact that events were held mostly on the word of the faculty. Students who were in charge of events in student government, were often dismissed. It's focus as a school is mainly academics, spirit lacked due to how hard students were pushed academically, that in the end it wasn't even worth trying to show pride.
I like how my teachers are focused on wellness and reducing stress levels, while still maintaining a rigorous workload. My teachers are strict about their policies, but they also adapt to each individual’s learning style, which I appreciate.
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