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Very strong AVID program and overall supportive staff that care about their students well-being and academic career. I have met wonderful friends there that have supported me through a lot, people I can lean on. Some sports I believe are better funded as well as supported as others based on popularity. Clubs should be better supported especially newer ones started by students such as given funding opportunities as well as help on how to successfully run and start their club.
Attending Los Altos High School was a great experience for me. The reason for that was mainly because of the music program. I was an alto sax player for all four years in the marching band and wind ensemble. The music program actually inspired me to pursue a career in the music industry as an audio engineer which I am currently studying for in college. I have also made life long friends at Los Altos. Most importantly I have learned some very important life lessons from various teachers.
Everyone is nice and comfortable with each other. They unite and make the school better. When we need help with something there is always someone to go and ask for help. As for college help, it is amazing. There is not only the counselors to ask for help, but also the AVID coordinator as well as other teachers who are well at it. I like the fact that on certain for no reason, they play music or have games to bring everyone together.
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Great school. Great teachers. Good classes. Great learning environment. High graduation rates. Smart students.
A lovely school to grow up in. Many, many helpful and kind teachers coming from various disciplines and backgrounds. A very strong school in regard to amount of sports programs (baseball, tennis, volleyball, football, golf, and so many more) and the district's only engineering program. Acceptable academic potential classes for English, Math, History, Foreign Languages. College Prep course (AVID) available for all grades.
Los Altos High School is conveniently located one block away from my home. My three older sisters graduated from here. The students are very friendly and teachers are helpful & humble. My counselor has always been available to me whenever I needed to speak with her to make sure I was on target to graduate.
What can I say its everything you can ask for in a high school. Sports are great and I'm proud to say that this high school is great for all. GO CONQUERS!!
Los Altos has a solid state of school spirit. The various events for school spirit creates a community of unity that enjoy each others presence and spirit. However, the students that lead these events are usually chosen by popularity and it seems unfair for those students that aren't known by many.
I’d like to see more teachers try to help their students succeed instead of sitting in their chair all day. I’d like to see a volleyball coach who will allow their seniors to play on senior night. I’d like to see a better gymnasium with Air Conditioning, not fans because those don’t do the job. I’d like to see less cliques in the asb and renaissance student body. I’d also like to see the counselors help students who need help with colleges. I’d like to see AP and Honors students not feel horrible about going to a community college after high school, because the AP and Honors teachers implement the idea that community colleges are for C and below students.
My high school experience has taught me how to better myself mentally and emotionally as a person. There were many ups and downs but throughout all of them I found a reason to better myself. High school has been an adventure. From meeting new people to connecting with teachers and staff it brought a positive atmosphere into my life.
Really great connections with teachers. They are always willing to help. The students are charismatic and constantly make school culture vibrant. Student government does their best to ensure great prouductions for teachers, staff, and students.
Would like to see more involvement from counselors before senior year. Also would like to see more effort from counselors to let you know what is necessary to take to get into a university.
Los Altos High School has been a pleasure to attend school at. As a senior, I have met and formed strong bonds with a majority of my teachers. There’s such a strong sense of school spirit at LAHS that I have not seen at any other high school that I have visited. Once a Conqueror, Always a Conqueror.
My experience was great. A great difference is seen in our school spirit as well as the balance for academics and athletics. There are various clubs and pathways on campus as well as rop courses and college preparedness. There is also AVID available. What I liked is that there is no limit to what you can associate yourself on campus.
The staff is very friendly and helpful. Although I'd like to see a change where it doesn't seem like the popular kids are those in ASB and Renaissance.
As a member of choir for four years, being in host, and redress, my times at Los Altos have been very involved and have even been able to provide me with an opportunity to the kaiser permanent Internship program.
Here at Los Altos, the school contains a great amount of school spirit and showcases the achievements of athletes, academic honors, and teacher involvement. Los Altos staff brings the best for the best students in the city.
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Overall my experience at Los Altos High school was a good one. I am now a senior and even though there are quite a few faults here most teachers genuinely care about students education There are indeed some teachers where you can flat out tell they’re just there for the paycheck but what can you do.
The staff at the school are very straight forward with you on how to deal with certain situations their students may face in the future. Also the schools students are very close you can compare their bond to as close as family .
Never has there been a day when I haven't wanted to go to school. Los Altos is my home. The message of striving for success and greatness throughout the hallways and in the classrooms motivates each student on campus to not just learn from books and lectures, but from the Conqueror family. As a four year student I'm safe to say Los Altos will forever be my home. As far as changes on campus, I would love to see more student involvement for not just popular groups/teams on campus, and focus on the students who don't get the same appreciation as the captain on the basketball team. Los Altos should be a place where everyone feels welcomed, because "Once a Conqueror, Always a Conqueror."
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