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Los Alamos High School is a unique place. Being funded by the Los Alamos National Laboratory, there is always a heavy emphasis on STEM which, though is not exactly my thing, is very appealing to others. STEM, however, is not the school's only strong suit, the resident Speech and Debate club dominates local tournaments and offers a slightly larger selection of classes than a typical high school. Perhaps more than anything, the teachers care. More teachers at this establishment genuinely care about their respective subjects and students than anywhere else I have lived, that being Portland, ME and Oak Ridge, TN where this level of competence seems to be lacking. Perhaps the one downside of the school are those who attend for, while many students here are engaged and eager to learn, an almost equal portion of the student body hold such values in contempt. Overall a great place.
I really enjoyed my time at Los Alamos High School. It's really sad that the year was cut short because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the faculty at LAHS is some of the best in the country. Although there is a constant academic pressure, each of the teachers really care a lot about their students. The music department has some of the most talented teachers in the state, yet is underfunded compared to athletics, as well. Overall, I wouldn't trade my time at LAHS for anything else.
It's a classist school. Each and every day you are judged by students on your academic ability or financial status. If your parents don't work at the lab you're looked down upon. Academics to everyone here is more important than mental or physical health. It's an unhealthy environment for any student growing up and often leaves students feeling unprepared and suicidal or depressed. Regardless of how well you do at school, you will constantly feel depressed. The teachers are great, but they don't care about anything but the curriculum.
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This school is located in a science town and it assumes that everyone wants to enter a science or math field. If science and/or math are not your strong suit, you will be made to feel as if you are unintelligent. The students that do well in these subjects will be treated better than those who are not. And there is little hope to learn because teachers assume that you know things and spend more time regurgitating a textbook than answering questions. Of course there are a few good teachers but they are few and far between. The music program is also seriously neglected. It has terrible teachers and the budget for it is almost nonexistence. The administration adores the sports teams and they know it. That is where most of the bullying on campus stems from. Would not recommend for anyone who likes their sanity.
I have had a fairly good experience with Los Alamos High School. They are dynamic about how they do things. This is, at times, confusing, however I can really tell that they are trying to change for the better and help the students. For example, they have switched from short counseling sessions with mixed grades to longer counseling specified at the different grade levels. They have also recently begun meeting with club Presidents to help clubs and get a general feel of how the student body feels about various things in the school. I have made personal connections with many of my teachers and am excited for most of my classes. I feel safe here.
I went to Los Alamos Public Schools for my entire life and it was the best experience I could've had. The teachers pushed me to do my best always. The competitiveness of the school made the culture fun. I never had free time with all the activities I participated in! there are so many options for everything your into.
Los Alamos High School is a good school academically, and more often than not the teachers here will prepare you well. That being said, the workload here is quite steep and it can be quite a problem if you don't learn how to handle it.
Good and bad. Every school has its pros and cons within the walls. Luckily, the pros outweigh the cons. An attribute that helps make Los Alamos High School a unique school is the different classes and programs to aid in different types of learning. The purpose of these different classes is to help kids grow and learn at their own pace in a learning environment that is right for them. Students are not expected to learn at a faster rate than they can. Depending on the class, teachers are understandable and make an effort to help students not only learn but understand the lessons. While there are many pros, there are also cons. Not every teacher makes the effort and puts in the time to truly help their students. Thankfully, few teachers do this. Overall, Los Alamos High is a great school (one of the best in New Mexico), and a great learning community.
Los Alamos High School is a very STEM-focused school as it is located in a town built around a laboratory.
The Los Alamos High School can be extremely grueling and is sciences focused. Students do have a lot of pressure and stress put on them by academics. Many alumni from our high school are prepared for college and higher education. There are sports teams, a cheer team, a marching band, and a NJROTC programs among clubs and sports. I wish they would take more time to make sure the students aren't to stressed but other than that I love this school.
I love Los Alamos High School. The teachers are amazing, the classes are great, and the students are pretty great too. They have so many classes that apply to almost anyone's interests. In the future, I want my kids to come here.
It's good - but definitely has an academic centered school culture. I'm in the peripherals of a kid who got a full ride to rice, and another kid who got a good scholarship to stanford. Seniors take 7 aps - it's...wild.
Thus far, my experience at Los Alamos High School has been very academics focused. The school is in a laboratory town, so everyone is focused on STEM centered jobs. Some might consider this a good thing, but many would agree with me that the school is to academics focused, and it takes a toll on many students mental health. The school also lacks diversity, which is not anyone's fault, but it can be difficult for students of color like me to feel comfortable, at home, and safe. Aside from these issues, there is a multitude of resources to prepare you for college and an incredible ballroom dance program-the only one in New Mexico.
The main focus of this school is definitely math and science, when there are budget cuts, the first programs to be cut are in arts and music. The student body doesn’t generally have a lot of school spirit.
This school is great as far as education goes. Most of the teachers are great at what they do. What should be improved is the amount of homework that is given. I live 30 minutes away from school and usually stay up till around 11 - 12 pm doing homework. I have been diagnosed with ADHD but have not been given accommodations for the amount of homework I am given which causes a lot of stress and leaves almost no time for socializing or doing fun things with family or friends. Another thing is food. Food is very expensive and can cost of to $5-7 per day for maybe just a hamburger, drink, and a small bag of chips.
Los Alamos High School really prepared me for college. The courses are difficult, but it helps to get students in the college mindset.
I had a good experience at my high school. There are a wide variety of classes in all subjects for students to take, as well as AP and ACT study courses. The staff was very knowledgeable and kind. There are many clubs and activities as well as opportunities for students to create their own clubs.
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I enjoyed the challenging classes as well as the incredible teachers. The overall school environment was ok, but there are mental health issues within the high school environment. I believe this has everything to do with living in a small town.
I liked Los Alamos High School. The buildings were nice and the Academics were great and well prepared me for college The AP courses made getting through college easier and allowed for me to easily transfer into collage and become a sophomore my second semester. However, the culture surrounding mental health needs to be improved as it often stigmatized or talked about in a way that can be triggering.
It is a very gifted school. Many of the children here are very smart because their parents are educated and work at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
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