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Very average high school. Teachers can be a hit or miss, but most are very helpful and understanding,
Going from middle to high school was a significant leap into another chapter of my life. I realized that Los Alamitos High School offers more freedom than I would have expected, coming from a middle school that is strict on dress code, punctuality, and respectfulness. I met so many hard-working and dedicated teachers who helped me to understand the material well. Additionally, there is a lot of diversity in the students. Los Alamitos High School is also unique in the respect that it is filled to the brim with clubs, extracurricular activities, shows, diversity, academics, and spirit. Despite the freedom we attribute from this outgoing school, we are also pushed to a higher level of maturity and responsibility. We are led to make our own choices and decide what path to take in life. I think this school has really led me to prepare well for college.
Overall, my experience (so far, as a Sophomore) has been very good at Los Alamitos High. The teachers I have had are very respectful towards the students and made the class enjoyable to be in; I've genuinely made really nice memories in my freshman and sophomore classes because of some of those teachers. I haven't interacted much with the principal or other staff, but the one encounter I had with one of them was pretty surprising, because they were extremely friendly and approachable. However, I've heard of my friends and sister having some ruder, more condescending teachers, so this really only applies to my experiences and the teachers I got during freshman/sophomore year. Diversity... I'm gonna be honest, the school does seem like it is mostly white people, but there is still a mix of Asians, Hispanics, and Blacks. School spirit is pretty intense, some people are indifferent towards it but there are a lot of passionate students at the football games, especially ASB.
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Los Alamitos was a wonderful high school to attend. There were so many opportunities for students to engage in sports, clubs, or other extracurricular activities. The teachers were kind, supportive, and creative.
I loved the school spirit. #losallocos. The teachers are very friendly and always willing to help. The courses are challenging and will prepare you for college. There are a lot of activities to be involved on campus and a lot of sports.
It's a good school in terms of academics but it's primarily white. That being said, it feels as though they do not promote diversity and the effects of racism/prejudice as much as they should. Also, students are either extremely competitive or not competitive at all. Needs to be more of a balance.
Regarding Los Alamitos programs regarding Athletics, Academics, Arts, and Activities, I would give them a high rating for the school provides numerous networks for connection and exploration ranging through a multitude of interests. With its national champion show choir and outstanding dance program, you would be pleasantly surprised to hear that the school is also filled with numerous devoted academic teachers and coaches fostering the students for success, such as the CSF Championship winning girls volleyball team. The only change I would like to see at Los Alamitos high school is the ratio of ethnicities, for the school is predominantly white. With diversity, I believe comes advancements with an increase surplus of perspectives. However, Los Alamitos is overall an excellent choice in high school that truly dedicates their resources to and for the students.
Los alamitos highschool is my second home. I can always feel safe here and I always know that I can talk to anyone if I ever need help. This school has taught me about leadership, school spirt, friendship, academics, and pride. I am so grateful to be apart of such a wonderful griffin family and every single one of my teachers I have had has taught me so much about not only that subject but how to be a better person. My school had the number 1 spirit section in the county and soon hopefully in the nation. We are such a spirit school and me being on ASB we try to be so welcoming to everyone. Also being captain of varsity song has taught me how to make everyone feel welcomed and I really feel like the past 4 years I succeeded. This school has changed me from a girl who never was into school spirt to someone who will never forget the pride I felt everyday at school events and every spirt week. I love this school and district more than anything.
My experience at Los Alamitos High School has been one of the best. This school offers great academic guidance and helps me prepare for college. I also love the sports and school spirit that the student body brings.
It's a great school, lots of resources and options that help prepare the student for college or AP tests. a great environment as well, with lots of school spirit. 10/10 high school experience.
There are a lot of opportunities for learning, if you are passionate about education and you have all the necessary resources. There is a lot of school spirit and pride that goes along with the community. At times, the school was a bit unforgiving in terms of personal circumstances and it could be hard to fit in with the demographics of the area.
Los Alamitos High School is a good school. Located in a relatively affluent area, Los Al enjoys good funding, and is thus able to create an environment for learning that is more than adequate to make most students comfortable. It's a large school, with large classes - when I first started attending, there were more than 30 students per teacher in some cases (though this is the exception), but that's to be expected when the student body numbers somewhere around 3000. but elective class sizes seem to be absolutely tiny in some cases - just this year, my Government & politics class was down to ~14 students at one point. The quality of the teachers is exceptional, each and every one goes out of their way to engage make themselves available to students, which in many cases makes otherwise dull and boring classes much more palatable.
I began attending Los Alamitos High School during my sophomore year and will be graduating with the class of 2020. Because I am a black female student I was worried that I would have many racial issues being at a predominately white school. However, I had not encountered any racism until my junior year when a white student decided to say "Hey nigger" to me as I was simply throwing away my trash. I knew that the school had previous racial incidents but had never been personally attacked. With that being, I would like to see a larger improvement within Los Alamitos High School and within the school district regarding racial issues. Overall, I enjoyed spending my 3 years at Los Alamitos High School with my friends, my amazing teachers, and our supportive counselors.
I love my school, my friends, and most of the teachers I have had in the past or present (in my district). I believe Losal has a very good learning environment for students and does its best to put students in the right classes and be accommodating to everyone. Everyone is very friendly and it's been a great freshman year so far as I've had the opportunity to meet amazing people and take great classes such as my ceramics class. Despite the fact that I am not the perfect student, I absolutely adore many of my teachers and will be sad to leave them going into my sophomore year. Many teachers, I believe, genuinely care about their students although there are also some that seem as though they could care less whether a student fails or not. In conclusion, I'm glad to go to such a privileged school where I feel as though I fit in and where we can afford many of the resources we have to succeed.
The academics thoroughly prepared me for college - in fact the academics at my college now seem very feasible and even easy at times because of the rigor of my high school AP classes. The school is also very involved, lots of school pride and fun events that get all students involved. There is a niche for everyone.
I loved the community as well as all the staff and faculty. Our sports programs are also great, along with a wide variety of extra-curricular and club opportunities.
My experience at LosAl has been very fun and i love to see the changes and new improvements that are yet to come. One thing this school can include is more diversity, our school is predominantly white and i know it’s difficult to ask for “different” teachers but it sucks going to a school and pretty much none of the teachers look like you :/
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Los Alamitos High School's primary focus is the students. They are very invested in students academic success as well as their mental health and do everything they can to make students feel capable of success.
While Los Alamitos High School has issues with equal treatment of extra-circulars and some student body problems, overall it's a great school with tons of opportunities for students. The amount of classes a student can take is outstanding with subjects varying from criminal law to ROP child development. The arts programs are amazing with show choir winning eight national championships and song and cheer winning many titles for themselves. The teachers are friendly and there are tons of groups and activities for students.
The overall atmosphere at Los Alamitos High School is healthy and welcoming. With many clubs and extracurriculars offered, such as our award winning choir program, which over 500 students are involved with, a student is guaranteed to feel welcome into any program she decides to try. With so many extracurricular art classes offered as well as several science, mathematic, and tech based clubs, students can hone skills in many areas.
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