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attending Loris high school i enjoy my teachers, even though they had class to teach they made sure every students wasn't alone when it came to learning. No student left behide
The guidance department needs to work on educating and preparing students for college or a future career if a student decides not to attend college. Loris High also needs a better curriculum that offers more AP classes as well as STEM and Fine Arts programs to prepare students for future careers.
Loris high school was one in horry county that didn’t get the recognition it deserved. My name is Colby Gerald and I was most likely the only person in the state to make as many musical accomplishments as I did. No recognition from anyone but friends and the school was made. If anything could be changed about Loris High school, I would love to see more recognition for the students for their accomplishments. The staff is amazing at LHS as well, and not only do they teach us but they connect with us and treat us as family.
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Overall, I enjoyed my time at Loris High School. I had fun and made some awesome friends. These friends have become permanent members of my life and I am very thankful for them. Loris High definitely shaped me into the person I am today. However, the teaching staff did a very poor job teaching and the facility was never kept up to par. I always felt as if we were less than other schools in our county.
Loris High School is a small school with great teachers and leadership. I attended all four years. Horry County Schools is very strong in Fine Arts. They are very supportive of all Fine Arts groups. Loris High School has a great administrative team and guidance group. The school is located in a small rural community with small business support.
I am an early graduate of Loris High School as of January 17, 2020. I enjoyed attending school, but I would appreciate it if some teachers pushed the students to learn. In my opinion, It would be helpful if Loris High School had classes that students could take that would prepare them to be dependent on themselves, such as how to finance money.
Loris High is a small school, so it does not offer many intriguing courses, especially AP. Teachers do not always lead rigorous classes, and sometimes the students are disrespectful and uncontainable. There is barely any SAT or ACT help offered. They do not serve vegetarian meals, so food choices are limited.
Loris High School is a decent school. I've only been going there for two years, but overall i like it.
There is way too much favoritism in sports at Loris High. I can say this as being an athlete and a student in athletic training. You don’t get played for how good you play the sport, it’s how long you’ve played. For instance, you can be a not so good player but have played all your life and start every game.
Loris high schools was extremely diverse, in the musical students, the artistic students, the athletes, and the students that are in council or other clubs. But, we all got along, we all saw beyond each other’s differences. I wouldn’t have wanted to graduate from anywhere else. We were all one big family.
I like the teachers and the environment. I just wish we could bring cups in the building and have a study hall break
I have attended Loris schools all my life, and I have been satisfied. I like attending Loris High school because of the fine arts that are offered. I am a part of the advanced ensemble. I enjoy being a part of clubs like chorus, Beta club, and the National Honors Society. I hope to see improvements in the guidance department. I feel that the guidance department should help students be better prepared for a future in college. Luckily, I have an older sibling who gives me important information, such as, dual enrollment, the college application process, the scholarship application process, and other information, like what classes are needed for an Honors certificate. It is necessary for the guidance department to provide students with this information.
Loris High School has gifted me with many opportunities to promote success in the real world. Although i disagree with the way the administrative staff runs the school, I am unable to complain about the competence of the staff and their willingness to go above and beyond for us students. I have been able to meet so many people who have helped me and motivated me to continue to follow my passion and continue my education in college.
I would like to see the administration and the guidance councilors pay more attention to the well being of the students.
My experience from Loris High was the teachers and administration were very strict, they stayed on top of students about getting to class on time and finishing their work on time also. What I wouldn’t change about Loris High is the administration.
I am a freshman and my first year here has been amazing. Everyone is nice and caring, and the teachers are willing to help you get the grade you want or need. I love loris so much!
I have been in the Loris school system my whole life and have enjoyed every minute of it. They have certainly prepared me for the next chapter of my life!
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Overall Loris High is a great school but just like any other school, there are some areas that need to be worked on.
I loved the environment and the people at Loris! They helped me to achieve many goals!also i would like to say that Loris High School is one of the most competitive schools in anything possible ! We love our pride and push towards the best!
Roach filled disgusting school. So glad to finally be out of that hellhole. Guidance department is terrible. They'll make up any lie or excuse to get you out of their face. Instead of letting you take classes that you need they'll force a bunch of electives on you. Administration takes no action towards punishing those who vandalize the school or harm others, but as soon as a girl wears leggings it's the end of the world. Academics are terrible. There's too much emphasis on utilizing technology instead of learning material. Don't come here unless it's your only option.
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