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My experience at Loretto High School was good. What I liked about the school was how the teachers are willing to help their students when they have questions or concerns regarding homework or anything bothering them. When we lost students that meant really dear to the class year they was in, the school let the students put up a memorial that represent them. Loretto High may not have as many class options as one of the big high schools, but they do have classes that you can love taking such as Art 1 and 2 as well as taking nursing classes. I love it how the students at the school always cheers for the sports teams we have as well as the Band working hard.
Loretto High School is a small-town high school that offers all college required
prep courses. The faculty are all interested in every student and making sure they succeed in life. Loretto is rural so not every student is headed to college after high school, and they promote the trades as well as college.
My overall experience was quite well all of the teacher are very supportive and encouraging and more of family than of a teacher thought and helpful the school itself is a nice building as well and great janitors taking care of the inside and great looking outside as well
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It wasn't a great place to be. The teachers are very rude and the students aren't nice to one another. If I was to change it, I would pick better teachers than the ones there now.
Loretto High School has always been a good school. They will do anything to help you. I can go to anyone in the office and get help with absolutely anything. I love this school. There is not too many kids so everyone knows you and everyone can help with anything. Everyone is very involved in sports and with helping with college. I just spent 2 hours in the office getting help with applying for housing for my absolute dream school that I got accepted into, but have no idea how to pay for all of it.
i really enjoyed how small it was. loretto is a very small town and our school has maybe 500 people in it. whenever something bad happened, we all came together and united. we are all like a family and i really enjoy how close i am to everyone. especially the staff. the office workers, all the teachers, they are all super sweet and i just loved that school so much.
My four years at Loretto High School have been eventful. My school is small and located in a rural town. Although this may be a negative to some, the school is based on a tight woven community that acts as a family. You become very emotionally attached.
Loretto High School was a great place I graduated from Loretto in the year 2017 and have been in college for 2 years now and im really enjoying it. Loretto was a great school that helped every kid that they could pass high school and teach them how to be successful.
Loretto High School is a decent school. The teachers are average and so is the education provided. Only a few teachers actually care about their jobs and or the students. If you’re lucky enough three or four out of thirty genuinely care about you an what you’re learning and not just a paycheck biweekly. The sports are exemplary but the food is not. If you stay busy and stay out of trouble your experience at Loretto High School will be mediocre at best.
At loretto highschool the teachers pride themselves in teaching in a way that all students will understand and enjoy their subject. Everyone at this school is always nice and will give you the shirt off their back. I couldnt be happier with where I am and wouldn't have it any other way.
There are plenty of classes for what ever your interests are and having a small graduating class allows for you to personal know all the people around you. Loved my time at Loretto
My whole life I have been moving from place to place and to many different school, but I always end up back here. The faculty and staff have been wonderful and a big help when ever I need them. Each grade is like a family, everyone knows everyone and what is going on in their lives. When there is someone in need we all come together to help them out. Most people hated thier high school years but mine were the years by far.
The teachers were the best thing that helped me at this school. They are the ones who provided me with the opportunity to succeed in life and helped me believe in myself. I'm so very pleased that this is the high school I went to for four years.
My experience at Loretto High School was one that I will never forget. The teachers there are extremely involved in students lives and truly care about their future. Since it is a very small school that gives the students and teachers a good chance to get to know each other and build a relationship.
The whole school is like a family. Everybody knows everybody. The teachers are always willing to give extra help to all students.
I've enjoyed my time at Loretto High School. Four years have seem to fly by. Loretto is a small school and you really get to know your teachers. I do feel like the school is lacking in the Math department.
Loretto High School is a great school. I love the dedication that some of the teachers have to helping students be their best.
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I love most the teachers. But one thing that could change is the locker rooms like for wellness and those classes are horrible. The sinks don't work bugs everywhere it's just horrible.
I love the fact that Loretto High School is a small school because you really get that personal help and attention needed.
Loretto High School is not just a good environment to learn, but to also feel accepted by the teachers Ana most students. The teachers are always willing to give up their time to help me even if they have a lot on their plate already. I feel at home at Loretto High School. I am so thankful that God has put me in this school and I pray that this school will continue to grow, not just in numbers, but in love and compassion everyday towards people. Loretto High School is not only a good school, but it will change your life and help you grow and learn how to face many conflicts that you may face in the future.
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