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I loved the sisterhood and how the curriculum challenged me not only as a student but a person. I learned so much about respect, justice, faith, and community through this amazing institution.
This is an amazing school that promotes a lot of sisterhood. It is a great place where you get to know not only your teachers but also the staff. Once you attend there you end up falling in love with the school you never want to leave.
I have been attending Loretto Academy High School since eighth grade and have loved my experience here. Freshman year is extremely welcoming, especially from the seniors and has many activities every year. The teachers prepare you well for college. Our school has a close sisterhood that no other school has.
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Loretto has given me opportunities! There are many traditions that everyone can participate in. There is also an involvement of teachers, students, and other staff.
The fact that its an all-girls school is great because it helps us focus on our studies. Our school usually gets together with Cathedral High School for events like spirit week, homecoming, prom, and each semester we have a battle of the sexes. Overall the environment is really friendly and safe. The sisterhood at Loretto is very strong and lasts forever.
Loretto Academy is the best school in El Paso. I feel very prepared for college after all the homework that teachers assign; it is full of traditions, such as Ring Rose and many more; you create a bond with God that is strengthened by prayer and religious clubs that you can join; the most important part of Loretto is that you are part of a sisterhood, no matter where you are, you know that your sisters would be by your side.
Loretto Academy does a great job in teaching its core values of faith, community, justice, and respect. It has a beautiful campus and it keeps its many traditions alive.
I have attended this school since I was a freshman. Since it is only girls it has taught me of the importance of having sisters everyday and even after we graduate.
Loretto Academy is not only a school but a home. From the minute you walk in as a freshman, all classifications run to shower you in gifts, words of wisdom and friendship. There is a week that is called "Hey Week" which is a week to welcome the freshies. Sophomores give them survival kits which include sticky notes, pens, pencils, and tips on how to get on every teachers good side. Juniors give them ice cream and social with them. Seniors pick a freshie to be the "little sister" for the year. The senior decorates her locker. They get to go on a big sister little sister picnic. Loretto Academy is a school that empowers women so we can go into the world to make a difference. It also keeps us close to our faith by giving us our theology class and mass every month. Loretto has been my second home for the past few years and yes, I'm sad that I'm leaving it but it has prepared me to succeed in my future. I love Loretto Academy
I would like to see new teachers and new methods of teaching that would help students learn better. Students should be allowed to express themselves without unreasonable punishment.
I'd like to see the whole staff change, as well as the academics. The school is over priced, for little in return. There are always different kinds of costs throughout the years. The staff is disrespectful and rude towards the students, with no regard for respect whatsoever.
Loretto Academy is one special school. All students, faculty and staff are very kind. Here we all grow in a Catholic environment. I went there for four years and it was an amazing experience.
Loretto Academy has help to mold my shy daughter into a well educated, assertive, and empathetic young woman. Thank you and continue to teach, guide, and care for the Loretto students.
i like everything because it really helps you to get ready for college and because loretto builts strong relationships between the students by showing us the value of sisterhood
My experience at Loretto Academy was really wonderful I learn new things each year I went back to the high school. The most I like about Loretto is that they challenge you each year, also the teachers are helpful with whatever you need and offer you tutoring. I wouldn't change anything from Loretto Academy
It’s a good school in the way that you get to learn about yourself as a person. However, it’s not the best regarding academics (specifically math and science) since the teachers are not the best. The school is very nice and clean. You get to form a sisterhood with your fellow classmates that can’t really be found anywhere else.
I really liked the academics and the time I spent at Loretto Academy. It really is a school that teaches outstandingly, always remembering the morals and values it has had since its opening. Although it might seem hard and strict at the beginning, at the end you understand how all of these help you and shape you into an amazing and educated woman, with a voice and value of your own
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Your daughter is treated as an individual with unique talents and interests. The teachers go above and beyond. Girls are challenged to pursue colleges across the US and they are prepared to be accepted into prestigious colleges and, they are so well prepared that all of them receive multiple and financially significant scholarships and grants to attend those colleges. Colleges across the US go to Loretto to recruit Loretto students. I can not say enough about the great qualities of Loretto Academy.
I had an amazing experience at Loretto Academy High School. I was extremely prepared for college because of the work and environment Loretto provides. Most teachers were completely attentive and made sure you were doing your best to pass the classes. Super challenging but very much worth it. The focus is one academics, so sports are not a priority. The community is very close and creates a bond between students and alum of the school. The traditions are a major aspect of the school character. Changes to be made would be the strict dress code and a more variety of classes available.
Loretto Academy is a very good school with a rigorous curriculum in academics. This school offers a variety of extra curricular activities and clubs. Loretto is full of many traditions and fun activities that are always fun to participate in.
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