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I love Lorenzo. the staff has always been there for me when i needed them. the counselor would go around the school telling students about opportunities. Lorenzo is also a tow year degree program that will help when it comes to the workforce after high school. I would say that the school help me a lot when it came to preparing mt for senior year. With Lorenzo I saw the possibilities of what I could do,especially with the help of the school. From clubs to community service, I wanted to be involved in the community. With my driven mindset, I would start doing community service during my summers. Every summer I made sure I was active in my community, the Collier County Courthouse to the Salvation Army. I wanted to go around and see the opportunities out there. One of my experiences that had a lasting effect was an internship with the Collier County Government, the Courthouse Clerk’s office where I learned how the court system works and the different types of court cases.
Pretty great academics. Almost all of the high school teacher are fantastic. The activities and events could be better. But powderpuff is so much fun. This school can be very unorganized at times (with ceremonies, clubs, etc.) Administration could be better as well. Favoritism is most definitely a thing here so be sure to get involved as much as possible. Prove to them that you deserve their attention. But overall, this school does genuinely care about you and your future. Safety measures have been improving over the years but still aren’t perfect. My advice, get involved as much as you can!! That’s the only way you’ll be able to enjoy high school to the fullest.
My experience at Lorenzo was good. There was a lot of interaction between the different classes. There were also a lot of side activities so that everyone stays engaged. I think Lorenzo is a great school for anyone to attend if they are committed with school and would love to be ahead of others.
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Lorenzo Walker Technical High School is not for everyone. Its a very "quiet" school and it's not your normal high school. One thing I can say I do like about Lorenzo is the teacher and student relationship because its not a big school. One thing I wish that was different is that I don't really get the high school experience. We do have homecoming but other than that we don't really do what other high schools do ( like a pep rally and sports teams or games), and that just makes Lorenzo different.
Lorenzo Walker Technical High School is the best school I've ever attended! This school has a lot to offer to the students that goes to this school, such as honors/an AP class (it's Spanish AP), technical college, and even dual-enrollment, which is where students can start to take college classes early at Florida SouthWestern State College and they can even earn an Associate Degree of Arts at the end of high school. Students can graduate from three schools at the same time! The students at the school are very nice with each other and get along with each other nicely and the teachers at the school are very helpful and very understanding with the students and they want to push us so we could become the next generation and new contributors of today's society and tomorrow's future. At first, it's going to be stressful and tiresome, then at the end, it's all going to be worth it, and if you know what goals that you want to accomplish here, then maintain that goal throughout LWTHS.
Lorenzo Walker is an amazing highschool. The staff, administration, and teachers make it feel like home there. The atmosphere just emits success and that is what I strive for so this school is perfect for me.
Lorenzo Walker technical high school is great because when you are on your 11th and 12th year you get to choose to be in a program and you end up getting a certification by the end of it.
I like all the opportunities offered at this school. I will be able to graduate with my high school diploma plus a technical diploma and my associates degree! I would like to change the amount of counselors available for us, specially to seniors.
I enjoy being able to take college classes, yet it does not involve extra curriculum activities like art,music, etc.
Small school good for focus. Not going to have the high school "experience". School does not have many fun activites to do. Days are repetitive. If you stay on track and like school you will be successful.
I loved Lorenzo because it gave me an opportunity to finish high school with a good-paying career waiting for me.
I mean if you want to be introduced to only technical programs. Go ahead. But the mindset in this school isn’t as diverse as i’d like and there isn’t much communication from the clubs. The clubs offered are very limited.
I have had a great experience so far in Lorenzo Walker technical high school. It’s an awesome technical school from the teachers to the students were all so determined and dedicated to move forward for a better future for ourselves and others. They have great clubs and activities for example step club which I am in it keeps me busy and it’s fun. I’m also learning something new. Plus it is a great opportunity. Lorenzo Walker is the key to success. Overall I’m glad I chose this school I wouldn’t want to be in any other school but Lorenzo Walker I’m proud to say I go to Lorenzo Walker technical high school. I would like to see the free lunch change there’s not many options like we had In elementary and middle school.
At Lorenzo Walker Technical High School the teachers and administrators care about the students. Lorenzo prepares the students for life. I am learning a teach area that I can work for in college. The school is small so everyone knows everyone. The students are kind and so are the teachers. I could not have picked a better school.
I am a student in this school. I really like it, especially with the programs they give. On your junior your, you take a technical college class for 2 years. We also have dual enrollment so you can graduate with a high school diploma, your technical area certificate, and a associates degree if you do dual enrollment. I am actually on my path of completing my LPN class and getting my associates when I graduate. It’s a really great school with a nice environment. Hope you come and be a Mustang!
The staff is very caring when it comes to the students. They are always willing to help and to assist in any of the students needs. All students feel safe and secured in school.
While in class a certain teacher was talking badly about a student, there is lack of clubs and sports and not a very fun school.
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I liked how I could choose what tech area I was interested in attending and I got accepted into it and loved it. I got a lot of connections from it.
I like Lorenzo Walker Technical High School because after you've completed 9th and 10th grade, you start to be enrolled in college classes you desire! Right now, I'm a junior doing Nursing at this moment! It is such a great school that is combined with college.
Amazing and caring staff that wish to see every student succeed. Highest graduation rate in the county for several years. Students graduate with a high school diploma, a technical career certificate, and for those in full-time dual enrollment (that can begin in the sophomore year), an associate's degree!
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