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Lorenzo High School Reviews

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My 4 year experience has been amazing. I love how close of a community we are. The support of this small town is amazing, whether it's basketball, cross-country, academics, or stock show there is unconditional support from everyone. There is nothing I would really change about Lorenzo ISD. The teachers are great, the students are great, and the staff is great. There are many teachers and counselors willing to help you through anything at any moment. Lorenzo High School has just been amazing to me.
I loved that my school was in a small town, because our community were all very close and willing to help one another. As a teenager in this day in age, I think it is important to have people who are there for you, especially during high school.
My Experience at Lorenzo high school was a very delightful experience. The staff is very helpful, and always do there best to help any student in need. The student are hardworking and polite. They are taught to work hard and earn there grades. I have never felt more comfortable in a school.
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I would love to see more academic activities and clubs. Also to have more resources such has more books in the library.
What I really liked about my high school experience at Lorenzo was that everyone looked out for everyone. Because we are such a small school, students and teachers get to have one on one experience.
The school only holds about 100 students in the high school
Lorenzo is a very small school so you can get alot of one on one help an attention from teachers evryone knows everyone an has a very good internet access for all students
Like i said lorenzo is a small school so you have your most usual sports football,basketball,track,tennis,golf an your other uil academic-wise
Lorenzo offers good electives from construction to political science
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