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At Lorena, the teachers, students, and staff really do feel like your family. Every teacher I have had has been dedicated to student success and has really cared about building relationships with their students. It is a great place to be, and I feel like I have had a really good education and high school experience.
I grew up in Lorena and doing so, I have that appreciation for small towns and community. Lorena High School, in every aspect, is an ideal campus for students who wish to further their education. High schools are not designed to please everyone, but Lorena High School came as close as you could get.
In all four years of my time at Lorena High School, I’ve enjoyed every year. I only wish that there was more diversity.
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If you are not in athletics, you aren't important. I would like more opportunities to do things other than sports.
I love the overall family atmosphere and love for our community that you experience as soon as you walk into the school. The teachers work hard to make sure each student has a good experience in high school and go out of their way to make our day special. I wish our school was a little more diverse and had a few more clubs to be a part of, but overall Lorena is an incredible school district that I am proud to be a part of!
I moved to Lorena when I was in fourth grade, and will graduate here as well. Everyone knows that moving to a new school can be rough and difficult for most, but the Staff, Students and community made it feel like home. The school really cares for your education and wants you to push you to do your best to be successful. There are also a lot of clubs/ extracurricular activities to be in as well. There is a place for everyone to fit in at, at Lorena High School!
What I like most about Lorena High School is how everyone knows everyone. People in Lorena practically have known each other since kindergarten. For example, my best friend Cade and I have known each other all of our lives and will be going to the same college at Hardin Simmons. He will be going for football and I will be going for Track. The people like Cade and I always look out for one another and will always have everyones back. It may not be perfect all the time, but we do know that we all have big dreams that we pursue together to get there. The teachers that inspire us are like second family, which means we like to aggravate, and even sometimes drive each other crazy. But at the end of the day, we all love one another after we go through the ups and downs together. I wouldn't ever change a thing about Lorena because it would not be the same school that I spent my whole life going to. This school, my home, has brought so many memories to hold onto.
Lorena High School is very welcoming and if you’re new, they help you to meet new people you may get along with. The faculty is very kind and helps you with anything necessary. Teachers are always ready to sit with you until you understand exactly what is being taught. Because the school is smaller, there is a better chance at having a teacher always ready to help.
Lorena High School is very known for its great values and teamwork. Our principle always tries to make it a positive place for learning. The teachers are fun and like to make the best out of learning. One thing I wish I could change would be the atmosphere of Lorena High School because I feel like the students are afraid to be themselves because of the judgment other students give.
I like how the faculty and staff are very involved in student activities and ensure there are after school or before school hours available to students for tutoring and extra help.
Lorena High School is one of the last of its kind. A piece of small-town America, Lorena High School is nestled in central Texas in a quaint rural community with a charming downtown. Committed faculty work to maintain scholastic excellence and challenge students while also helping students that need extra help.
Overall Lorena High is not a bad school. We have fun prep-rallies, have really awesome food (my favorite is cheesy chicken over rice), and have two mascots (Mr. and Mrs. Spots). My only problem with this high school is that school lunch is expensive for a high school, all the trips and class fees are based on the general population (which consists of middle or high-class taxes payers) and don't support their lower class very well. The fine arts such art or choir are very underfunded. Their Performance Art Center that they built is not made for band concerts or choir performances which failed the main goal, to have a larger area of fine arts that produce sound well. They also have a very limited foreign language choices. While this isn't a problem I highly recommend that they offer tutoring options for students that work or have athletics.
The faculty are always going beyond! They are always willing to stay and help you as long as you need it. However, you get what you put in. If you put forth no effort, you will learn absolutely nothing.
The school does a great job of encouraging students to participate in extracurricular activities. In the past, the school has not placed a priority on education compared to athletics, but this has greatly improved over the last several years.
I am a graduating senior at Lorena High School. I have spent the past 13 years here and I have enjoyed mostly all of them. The staff and teachers are wonderful; many become great friends and really connect. The course work is not easy, the work takes effort and I feel really prepared for college. The students and social style of Lorena is friendly and very involved. There are many activities to do and there is something for everyone. Here at Lorena everyone is recognized and the overall size is great. My graduating class has a little over 100+ students which makes class sizes smaller and less overwhelming. Overall I have loved spending my years here and would not change if I had a redo.
The school is very supportive of everyone and everything that goes on. Overall this school is a great place to be, and has a positive environment every time you come in the door.
Many teachers do there jobs well, but there is a handful that don't want to be there and they make that apparent. As far as getting grades in some teachers need some work. If we're expected to turn our work on time, they should be expected to grade our work in time.
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There is not any security/armed adults at Lorena High School, but when there is a crisis, Lorena Police Officers are close and fast acting. We may not have to go through metal detectors in the morning, but we know that if anything happens, we will be protect.
Lorena High school is notorious for extracurricular activities. There are a lot of students who are involved in multiple activities, and exceed at them. There are so many students involved in FFA, Sports, NHS, Student Council and many more. There's never a time when there isn't anything going on. Students are always doing something at Lorena High School.
Teachers are really good at getting the students involved and being there to help them outside of class as well as in the classroom. They have great lesson plans that they carry out each day and try new ways to teach us and get hands on work/activities with real world meanings.
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