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Loreauville High School Reviews

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Loreauville high school is the best school to go to. We have the best education and also we have the best students and teachers. Although, sometimes they have some bad times, overall its one of the best schools, I love it here.
Loreauville has taught me very well, and the teachers were always there for me if I needed help. Though there a lot of clicks with the students, everyone is friendly and has never made me want to leave.
Loreauville is a amazing high school. We are a A school. A lot of the teachers and counselors prepare you for college and assist you if you have any questions. The food is pretty bad but we have an amazing football and baseball team that we go out and support. There are also many clubs for us to choose from I am in the schools 4-h club.
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Loreauville High School is a small school where everyone knows everyone. Our small community is what brings us closer together in our classes.
Loreauville High School is a very outstanding School. Their score overall grade is a 113.4. I have committed myself to four clubs and they have been extremely success successful to all including myself I have. I have been in beta for a year Talent search for 2 years Helping Hands for 2 years and Chapel club for one year. All in all I believe Loreauville is a very outstanding School and have succeeded their limits in academics,clubs,and inside classes.
At Loreauville High School I never felt as if I wasn’t getting the best education I could get from the best teachers around, while the diversity is low and it is a very small town, this school is still one of the best around.
My experience at Loreauville is a little bit good and bad. It's good because some teachers actually care about you passing and they help you sometimes with your school work. They need to change the uniform policy, well the jacket rule need to be change.
This school is good no troubles. I would like to see people stop bulling others because some other people don't have no room to talk.
I like the activties and sports .we need at least 45mins of free time. i love to play in the band, school sells great snack in the vendor machines, they need to drop theprice 50 cents less.
Loreauville is the best school in new iberia parish. we have been an A school for 4 years.the spots here are good nut baseball is the best sport in Loreauville.
Being at this school provided so many things for me to do. Being here helped me make friends and meet new people. This school also helped me find the sports I love the best
Academicly our school is great. The bullying in our school needs to stop. They need to enforce more contracts with a 2 step process first time warning second bullying contract. I stand against bullying.
Lorerauville High school is a very good school.

The teachers are good.
Sports arent the best.
Food is decent.
Internet never works.
It is a nice school to be at. I like the teachers here they are nice people for the most part. The students are excellent so far. The principles are cool. The food is basic. Lots of parents are very involved with their kids' education which is great for the school. Their is lots of diversities around the school, lots of cultures and different species. The way the schedule and blocks work is a tremendous schedule. As a school we need to unify to become as great of a school as we can be
I like the activities and most of the school work we do. You can change some of the school work because most classes are boring with just work with no projects.
my experience at loreauville is good, i like how the students are friendly. id like to see more improved class rooms.
I absolutely adore my school! Since it is such a small school and community, everyone knows each other and are close to each other. It is the friendliest school I have ever been to as well. If you are a new student, there is no need to worry because on the first day you will make friends because of the hospitality available at Loreauville. The teachers make sure you are doing great in class and they care about your academic achievements. At loreauville, teachers know you by name, not just a person in their classroom. It is such a great, small, loving atmosphere to be in at Loreauville High and I would not suggest any other High School to go to in the parish.
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Because it is a small school, the teachers at Loreauville are able to establish better connections with students that overall help their learning abilities. Unfortunately, because it is a small school again, there are very few classes and extracurricular activities to participate in.
Loreauville is a small town. Everyone knows each other at school. I love it because everything is so hands on. We barely have any students at our school so the teachers have a better chance to help us one on one which gives us a better understanding of the material. Also, many clubs are offered throughout Loreauville. The students also have a say on clubs. They can bring ideas to the guidance counselor for the betterment of the clubs. There are also many sports offered at Loreauville High. We are a very fun and diverse school.
Loreauville High School has grades seven through twelve. I've been there since seventh grade and I am a senior this year. The town of lo is technically a village. Haha yeah I know right... Well it's a very tight knit community and everyone is like one big family. Our school is super tiny. Like my graduating class only has 55 people... Anyway I love going to school in Loreauville.
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