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Perfect blend of great teachers and great athletics. Teacher to student ratio is amazing and allows a private school education in a public school realm.
Lordstown has the size and the feel of a private school, with the price of a public school. It is an amazing school to grow up in and there is such a great community around the school. The staff is great and the students are accepting and inclusive. The facilities are a little outdated, but the administration is working hard to increase the quality of every student's experience.
I attended Lordstown High School throughout junior high and high school. The teachers are fantastic, they genuinely care. The class sizes are quite small which gives teachers a wonderful opportunity to see their students needs. The students are able to get more individualized attention which can benefit them academically. The district is small but they have an abundance of athletic opportunities for students. Along with athletic opportunities, their students are provided with many extra curricular activity opportunities that get students involved, and creates wonderful opportunities for students.
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Lordstown High School is an amazing place to attend school! It is a smaller school, but it gives the students great one-on-one experience with their teachers. All the teachers really care about each student, and are always willing to help with any issue you have! The only downside to Lordstown is the lack of additional electives for the students to participate in since it is a smaller school (example: only two foreign languages offered). However, it is located in a great area that is very safe for everyone. I love Lordstown and the education I have received!
All the people are very accepting and nice. You also have the opportunity to grow in your knowledge with CCP
The teachers are very respectable. All of them work very hard at there job. They all put a lot of time into the students.
The are multiple after school activities. Our school offers mock trial, prep bowl, speech and debate, history club, national honor society, key club, and newspaper. I have enjoyed all of the opportunities that our school provides for us
My high school experience has been filled with so many great opportunities. The school teachers have helped my get into the College Credit Plus Program, and they have always encouraged me to do the best that I can. Our community is very small, so we all support each other. I can't imagine going to high school anywhere else!
The teachers at my school have made my high school education excellent. They are willing to come in before or after school to help you, and they encourage the students in all of the activities that out school has. They attend sporting events and help with the different clubs that Lordstown has. Without the teachers that I have had, I'm not sure that I would be able to do all of the things that I am currently active in.
We do not have a football team. The baseball field is full of ticks. The weight room is small and smelly.
The teachers honestly care about their students. It's nice to be in an environment where people care.
There is not a lot of variety in the clubs offered. Many of the clubs do the same things such as volunteering and helping out the community.
The guidance counselor is no help the the students at all, and bullying is often overlooked, but the dress code is heavily enforced. But only on certain people. I see the superintendent more than I see the principal.
My school offers Key Club, and Yearbook Committee. I'm currently a member of Key Club, and I was a member of Yearbook last year. We used to have a speech and debate team in which I loved and was apart of, but the teacher who ran speech and debate quit, and my school can't afford to hire another teacher.
I feel very safe in my school, although I do feel like some wrong-doing is heavily overlooked.
The food in the cafeteria could use more variety and the price should be alteast alittle bit cheaper. Food that is made in the cafeteria is alittle better than you average cafeteria food and some is very healthy. there isnt many accomadations to specialty diets though.
Class options have recently been expanding throughout the years and have become quite diverse. The way the counselor schedules the classes for students could definatley be improved. AP classes have been added this year and have been a big hit between the academic students in our school.
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The faculty and principal enforce the policies very well. The strictest policies involve the use of electronics during class(which shouldnt be as much of an issue) and dress code mainly with girls.
The school is very old. Built in 1972, the school needs revamped and updated starting with flooring and roofing and all the way through a total upgrade in the wiring and electronics for quicker and easier access by the student body. Busing is quick and the drivers are safe.
I personally adore my school. though it is small and upgrades and extra classes are few, the teachers work well with the students and the small environment allows you to become connected with them. Almost ll the students get along well even though our high school consists of 7th-12th grade. i would choose to go here again and also raise future children in this school.
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