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I liked that there are very little people here, this way we can get more help from the teachers if we need it. This is nice but there are very little extracurricular activities available to us here. I would love to see more opportunities offered here.
classes that can be taken for electives, each with a different focus. The people in the school are friendly, and the small school size means that everyone knows everyone else -- unless the student recently moved in. The school is mostly Hispanic/Latino, a topic that is often joked about around the few who are not. Overall, I enjoyed being in Lordsburg High School, it is not a bad school, but the school and my experience could have been better.
I love how all the students involve others.
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There is a lot of great food.
People are always able to go ask for help.
Anyone can join, and they're a lot of fun.
They teach us what we need to know.
It has decent teachers not the best.
We are mainly hispanics, but there are couple blacks and whites. Most everyone are friends we are not a super cliquey school.
I don't even know who the school nurse is. School is relatively its proven that if a psycho wants to shoot it up they are going to. So I feel safe when I leave.
This is a very football orientated school other sports don't really matter. Faculties are average.
School facilities are average and sometimes lacking fior what students need. Technology is slightly out dated.
Extracurricular opportunities are few and far between. Usually done by unmotivated staff and confused students.
Not a very diverse school. We do have "fun" occasionally but there is rarely anyhting new and exciting we just go through the motions. Our school is a stereotypically boring, "just let me leave" school. Youcouldn't pay me to redo all the stuff that I have done it is completely redundent.
Basic school policies that are moderatley enforced, the coucelor runs the school until she gets caught doin something againsts school policy then she just waits for a new pricipal to suck up to. There is not a lot of bullying because most everyone is related to everyone or knows everyone. Dress code is moderate, no uniforms but nothing "gang related either.
Their arenot a lot of diversit or choices offered, it seem like the school is doing as little as they can for the students. Their is the basic curriculum and a couple "AP" classes taught by uncertified teachers and AP classes that aren't even AP.
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