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Lord Botetourt High School Reviews

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I enjoy Lord Botetourt High School, we have some safety issues that need to be dealt with but overall the school is very nice.
Lord Botetourt High School is a great atmosphere to learn and grow in. With encouraging and caring staff, to a supportive community, Botetourt County is the best!
Lord Botetourt is a great school overall. The teachers here care about students and do everything they can to teach us in the best way possible. Aside from the leaky ceilings, the building is in decent shape. The classrooms are a perfect size to fit around 30 students per room. I would recommend going to Lord Botetourt because of our amazing school spirit and our teachers
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Lots of good, and some things that could be better. The school is old and needs to be updated. They would be better off bull dozing it and building a new building. Many of the other schools in the region have already had renovations and we are lagging behind. Sports are a big deal, and we are very good at them-winning numerous state championships. I'd like to see more done to help and guide students with getting ready for college and how to apply for scholarships. There are a lot of opportunities that are there, but you need to find them on your own. They should do more to help students in this area. The location is very pretty, and Daleville is very small. The schools in Roanoke are much worse than ours, and more dangerous it seems, so I'm happy that I'm here. Again, just wish the building was newer and nicer and that they helped kids more get ready for college. It would also be beneficial to offer more extracurricular activities that help round out the experience.
My experience is defined by my teachers and opportunities; both have been great, with few exceptions. The academic opportunities offered have been expanded substantially in the past school year, including more Advanced Placement classes and easier access to community college courses, which will benefit so many students. However, the school itself has not been as pleasing. Leaking ceilings and sinking, cracked floors concern students and staff and occasionally interrupt the learning environment.
Throughout my years 4 at Lord Botetourt High School, I experienced a lot of change. I was not excited to move to this school during the summer of my 8th grade year, but when after I joined the cheerleading team, I quickly learned that this is where I belong. At this school, people do judge, but that is only a small amount compared to the amount of people who will actually try to be friends and talk to you if you are shy. The staff has always been so willing to help me in any possible way. They go out of their way to show that they truly care about the school and the students in it. I am very lucky to have went to a school where I am truly proud to be an alumni.
I loved the school spirit, the resources from the local community college, our sports, and music programs. I found a real home in the after school activities I was a part of and I will always be grateful for my time there.
I think the teachers at the school are absolutely wonderful - nearly 100% of the teachers I have had over 4 years have been incredibly kind and helpful to me and other students. I love the staff and the programs, but our building is falling apart - leaky ceilings, mold, and even a caved-in boys locker room in my sophomore year! All of this aside, I do love this school and I am incredibly lucky to have attended LBHS.
Although Lord Botetourt is a good school the building needs to be updated to give students a better facility to learn in.
I like everything about it, but I think there needs to be some renovations! Excellent staff and atmosphere!
Lord Botetourt High school, is a very good school for students. Great opportunities to get involved in activities such as sports, clubs and activities.
The teacher at Lord Botetourt are very helpful and willing to work and help students at any time. It is a diverse group of students. The athletics are a big part of the school.
School is in a safe area. Teachers are involved with the students. Teachers are always willing to help when asked. I feel I have been well prepared for college. I have completed the first year of college by taking STEM and dual credit.
Overall I feel I received an adequate education from Lord Botetourt. The principals and most teachers at the school are outstanding and form close bonds to their students. We also have a diverse variety of clubs for students to join. The school building is in desperate need of a remodel to accommodate the large class sizes, but that is no fault of those that work at the school.
The school is really nothing special. I'm glad to be off at college, but still look back at the time spent in clubs and sports fondly. However, The school itself does not provide such fond memories. Instead I remember infinitely clogged toilets and broken ceiling tiles.
I think Lord Botetourt high school could do a lot better if they put in the effort to better our school, this includes students, parents, administration, and teachers. They put in a minimal amount of everything. They never really talk about bullying once you get here and they don give the correct consequences in my opinion.
Lord Botetourt high school could be a great school with or without money if people try to make it better and not just the bare minimum.
I would love to see more involvement with the my fellow students universally instead of being in a bunch of different cliques.
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Lord Botetourt has shown me what it is like to be a leader. It is a strong school with very connected people.
I like the teachers that I had. I think the staff needs to work on being more helpful towards the students. The academics have recently gone downhill rapidly, they no longer offer an advanced diploma and the majority of the dual enrollment classes have been taken away. The STEM-H program has also been taken away.
The guidance department does not care about students. The school is literally falling apart, with half the sinks and not working. School is known to have mold in it.
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