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Lorbeer Middle School Reviews

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Lorbeer Middle School is an exemplary middle school that excels when it comes to the teachers, curriculum, and club representation. The only real issue I have with the school is the design of the campus which is a bit bland (and even
scary to some).
I loved my experience in Lorbeer. I met so many good friends and teachers. The only thing that bothered me was the food that they were serving. It was not healthy or appetizing at all.
This a great school. The administration is wonderful and you can tell by the way they interact with kids and parents that they care. There are a ton of clubs for the students to get involved in.
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Th3 school is clean and the janitors do a good job of keeping the school clean.
Personally i think there should be more clubs on campus and students should be able to create their own club.
Lorbeer has a great staff, and the teachers do their job well. The school tries hard tomato sure their students enjoy coming to school, however they are very strict on the rules. not being able to use your phone after school on campus unless you have supervision of some sort is unnecessary. We are still being treated like children. we are in he stage of becoming young adults, and to say that we can't use our phones after school is pathetic.
The teachers at Lorbeer are hardworking individuals who seek to help students who are struggling to understand the criteria. Many of the teachers are very engaging and create close bonds with the students so they feel comfortable in the classroom to ask questions infront of their peers.
Many of the students who are part of a team a very accepting and are willing to try to do their best.
The food has its good days and bad days with the cafeteria, snacks are fine
I think the school takes these well. If you are willing to say something they are more likely willing to help
I would choose the school again because the staff i have worked with is great. Accepting and willing to work with students.
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