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Loranger High School has outstanding teacher student relationships. I've never seen such a close relationship between adults and children before. I've seen students closer to a teacher than their own family.
I liked how caring the teachers were about ones personal life. However, the teachers weren't the best at teaching/explaining things.
Academic wise Loranger is a very good school, but it lacks in diversity. Loranger High would be so much better if it had more diversity and different types of activities that everybody could be involved in.
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The beginning of my high school experience at loranger was amazing. I don’t play the school, it’s the people that are in it. They are slowly bringing loranger down. Loranger keeps accepting the trouble makers in the school specifically for a certain head count. They treat us like we are in a prison.
My high school years at Loranger High School were certainly unforgettable. They have me some of the best memories possible. One thing I hope to be changed for future students is making sure that the students are fully understanding their course work before they have to move on to the next thing or grade level.
I love how the teachers are very hands on with their students and their teaching. If you don't understand something they'll help you in every way they can.
One thing I enjoyed about Loranger High School is the relationships that students can create with the teachers. Because it is a small school, all of the tecahers know you and you can create a bond with each one of them. Something I don't like about Loranger is that I don't feel like I will be prepared for college. In all of my years, I've only felt confident one year in math. I don't feel like going into college, I will be prepared.
I found that Loranger High was OK, and really nothing to brag about. The school can do better with preparing its students for college. Everything is dated. The teachers are nice though, but the administration left me rather puzzled with how they value accomplishments of certain students. All students should be honored for academic achievements, especially when it's a prestigious one, and one that's on state level. Their achievements shouldn't have to fit your social stereotype in order to be recognized. Very puzzled over such shameful behavior by the administration staff of 2018.
I liked that the school offer a safe environment for all students. As well I like the fact that some of the teachers were caring and empathetic. I also like that some of the teachers were very knowledgable. I also like that some of the faculty were full of humor.
Loranger High School is a poorly funded but fully functional high school in Tangipahoa Parish. I’ve had many experiences there just as a freshman and soon to be sophomore. They have a decent staff and administration and many opportunities for students to get on the path for life after high school. A good thing about Loranger is their science classes. However, their music and art classes are little to no funded and are mainly up to the students and parents to help fund them. If they were given more opportunities and funding, I believe they could be a great school.
My experience at Loranger High School was one that I will always remember. I gained such valuable knowledge that will help me in the future. The teachers are very helpful, and can offer one-on-one help when needed. Overall this school has made me a stronger, smarter person.
It is a small school with a lot of community Involvement. The school population is growing and we have several portable buildings and older buildings, which could use some improvement, but we use what is available to us now. The teachers and administration really care about their students and it shows. Our school is unique because the elementary, middle and high school and all next to each other and all 3 schools ride the same buses.
Loranger High has a very warm and family oriented environment. You always feel safe and positive as well as encouragement to achieve your goals. I feel like I learn what I have to during school and the teachers try as hard as they can to help me understand everything they teach. Something that I would like to see change is that the school gets more resources. Such as more books and computers/laptops. If the school was to get those resources the students who don’t want to include their self into the lesson will want to. Also,it would make the grades go up because our world today is covered by technology. They still will remain a great school with or without the resources.
Loranger High school is a very close knit school. Everyone here is family. It has many amazing qualities but it does have some flaws
My experience at Loranger High School has been nothing but great. The faculty and staff are so warm and welcoming. They always go out of their way to make sure that you have what you need school wise and in life. The community at LHS is unbeatable. We're all a family and we all feel the love. My school has been instrumental in my life. I love it here and am sad I have to leave this year.
My experience at Loranger High School is wonderful I am prepared ready for my college path. The teaching and learning is pushing me to my future goals in my life.
i liked some of the teachers encouragement. I would like to see the clubs change a bit. It seems as if the club teachers show favoritism. Not everyone has their own say so in certain things and it is unfair. Some of the teachers bring the students down but the others are very helpful. The councilor is very helpful a little when she talks to the children about college and what is all required.
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Loranger High is a very good school. The school gives equal opportunities to all of its students. The staff takes care of all its students and tries to make sure everyone understands the material. Loranger students usually interact very well together. The staff and administration try their best to make all students welcome.
There are different education routes for people who want to go to different career paths. It may not be the prettiest, but if you put forth the work you can get a quality education.
Loranger High has great academics, as far as the honors classes go. I wish they had more to offer, like other sports or medical programs. I feel like we are very limited on everything. Staff is great! The school itself could use some remodeling and cleaning up.
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