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Lorain High School has a really good graphic design program where I learned how to use industry tier programs I likely would not have had the chance to try. I also took college classes that have helped with my college credits.
Every person that works there tries to include every culture, I say this because I am Puerto Rican. When I entered high school, they made sure that my teachers were bilingual or understood at least Spanish and if the teachers didn't knew the language then they would assign a translator. The school would also celebrate the Hispanic month and would tell fun facts about the hispanic culture. The teachers, counselors, and administrators really cares and support their students.
My Highschool gave me a chance to over and beyond my skills. I was allowed to take college classes. They followed my IEP and teacher were so very helpful. I’m legally blind and hearing impaired. I play the violin and I have been first chair since my freshman year and I’m a junior.
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There are a lot of resources available to students and many teachers try to help kids in any way they can. There are also lots of programs for kids in need like after school dinner programs. The only aspect I would change is how administration handles event organization.
Lorain High has many challenges but the students and the community persevere through these challenges to try to make the best environment for the staff as well as the students. The school district does need improvement but they excel in offering the students opportunities.
Lorain High offered me many amazing opportunities. I was able to get an Associates degree along with my high school diploma. In the marching band, I got to travel all over the country to participate in various parades. Lorain High could have had better administration while I was there, but I am happy with my education otherwise.
I've been in the Lorain city school district my whole life so, it was inevitable that I join such a great environment.
It was amazing experience I overall enjoyed going to class every. Everyday there was something new to learn. If I could come back to high school this would be my choice. so the reason why i'm filling this out is because with the skills that i acquired from my years in this school i could apply them to the real world and use it to be a better person in the world.
My experience was An ever age high school experience, nothing spectacular. Could use work overall especially in academics and offering more college and real world learning classes.
I loved going to Lorain High School but I do not like the recent change of administration. The recent administration has done nothing but try to tear our culture apart and make the students and teachers look bad.
I’ve had good times and bad time while attending lorain high. Over the last two years the number of fights have multiplied, mostly because of the new classes that have been coming in (class of 2021-2022). But our athletic teams have taken the attention away and have started to shine.
I will graduate with my honors diploma along with my associates of arts degree. In my four years at the high school, my teachers have pushed me to do my very best. If I was struggling they were there after school to tutor me one on one. Or they would give me extra worksheets that way i would understand the material.
My home high school is Lorain High but I attend Early College at LCCC as a CCP student. Any time i need something from Lorain High they are very quick to help me and it is a nice school overall.
I love Lorain high school it has shaped me into a firm yet even more caring person. I’ve met a few teachers and even my guidance counselor really cares about me. A few things at Lorain high needs to change for example are the diets of the students , they have the same four stations you can choose from and I’ve been to everyone it only makes me sick now. They also need to focus on being firmer on the students about their grades instead of dress code.
It's awful. Ever since the current freshman class came around, there is more fights than anything I've ever seen.
What I like about Lorain High School is that there is that teachers and staff who really want to see you succeed and reach your goals. But there is also a lot of bad things going on like the lack of money in scholarships for senior students that want to go to college and achieve their dreams. Because of this a lot of High School graduates who have a lot of potential don't go to college or decide to join the military forces to be able to pay for college tuition. It is a good school but it is under a lot pressure right now and that is affecting the students.
its a nice schools, that provides a lot of opportunities to students, but puts to much attention on athlete students. the school is very diverse in students, but not so diverse when it come to culture. the school like to focus primarily on whats hip today with students instead of a good minority of students like.
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It can at times seem like it is a low community and you will never get out of Lorain. However, I wouldn't trade my school for the world.
Being in a poor area, my school lacked a lot of opportunities for students. Programs, clubs, arts, extracurriculars, and some classes were cut. We did have a dual-enrollment opportunity through the city's community college. We were told we would receive an Associate of Arts degree when we graduated high school. However, it wasn't until a few months before graduation that students found out we would still need 1+ year(s) to earn the degree. The grade rating from our school was always very poor. Attendance and behavior was poor. Bullying and vandalism were prevalent and more often than not, were ignored by the school. If I had the choice, I would have attended another high school.
Overall, my four years at Lorain High School were better than my 3 years at my middle school in Cleveland. Most of the staff is very supportive and there are many clubs and extracurricular activities for you to join. Unlike most high schools, there is no real social hierarchy.
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