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I liked how Lorain Digital let me do school on my own time. The teachers there really cared about me and helped me to succeed no matter how many times i fell down.
I sometimes describe this building as being similar to a prison. The cement walls and the no heat in the winter give it that feel. There are 3 or 4 busing locations you can get picked up from but they are so far away from most that you need to get driven to there to make it in time. There isn't much technology in the building and if it is they are out dated and un-useful. College prep resources are probably a secret thing and only a few people know about it because I sure don't.
Since I've been in high school we switched buildings twice because of low funding. Most kids need stability in their lives and moving every two years can create some problems with transportation and etc. The staff doesn't really care about the education. It feels as if they are just going thru the motions. After you pass the OGTs there done with you. They don't take the extra step to help you go on to higher education. I'm predicting that the school and the city will become a ghost town in a few years.
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The social scene at this school is very low. It is an online school but there is a local school building where the students can go to get help and do other things school related. Personally I work too much to go there everyday and I don't have a relationship with any of the students that go there on an everyday basis. I do not think there is any challenges that have to do with ethnicity or sexual orientation. Everyone there is seen as an equal.
Everything is online, but you can still go into the school to get help. It's kind of hard but the teachers do everything and sometimes a bit extra to help me understand any materials I dont understand.
I really like doing the school online, but I am not close to the other students that come into the building to recieve help. I also think the school should have more get-together activities to let all the students get to know eachother. If I could do it all over again I wouldn't choose this school for my senior year because I really miss being social and building relationships with other students and the teachers around me.
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