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Lopez Early College High School Reviews

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I liked the band program Lopez had to offer. It was very welcoming and inclusive to all marching band members and symphonic band members. Im addition, the symphonic band has a greater reputation and has won numerous awards in both the marching and concert seasons.
My experience at Lopez Early College High School is very extraordinary because it seems to me to be the best high school in Brownsville. The things I like the most about Lopez High School are the classes, particularly the Engineering Math class, another thing I like is the treatment by the students and teachers.
I started as a scared freshman who didn't know what to do, or who to go to. The years seemed to go by extremely slow until I reached junior year. I started to join multiple clubs, from UIL, to the Women's Golf team. I made great friend that are seemed to last a lifetime. This high school has done its best to prepare me for real life and future choices that will mold my life. Diversity in the school isn't great, most of us are hispanic, and come from spanish-speaking homes, yet we try our best to embrace all those different cultures and ethnicities that seem to be forgotten. Academics are off the roof. The school provides Advanced Placement courses, and Dual Enrollment/Credit classes, which I've taken. Since the classes are fairly difficult, being college classes, we receive so much help from administration, and teachers who are willing to give up their after school time and weekend time with their families to help us. Overall this school is the best I could've attended.
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Best High School in the valley especially when it comes to fine arts. The staff even become friends with the students and create that bond. Students are also very social and generous when it comes to socializing with eachother.
As a Senior, I have seen this school achieve many accomplishments. Our school is known for performing arts and sports. Our school band,sports, clubs, and organizations all shine in their own field of expertise. Administration is what helps keep all the students at Lopez High School in order. Kids at Lopez might say that administration is strict, but compared to other schools, we'd be going crazy if we didn't have someone always giving orders. Overall, it's somewhat a great school as long as excel in your own way.
Lopez Early College High School has opened up many opportunities for my career pathway and extracurricular activities. I have been certified in Entrepreneurship and Small Business and I will be going to the International Bank of Commerce. I greatly love being apart of the Lopez Varsity Choir and Barbershop group. This has taught me how to become more social and confident about who I am as a person. Lopez is an amazing school with so much to offer and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
I love Lopez early college high school because the staff holds each student accountable and works hard every day to make Lopez a friendly learning environment.
There is a good educational system to help the students to understand the subject they are learning in class. Teachers help out the students when they don't understand some of the concepts of the subjects. I like how the school concerns about the students' future once they graduate from high school and head off to college. What I would like for them to improve is understanding the students more because every human being, especially teenagers go through a lot during this age, and might be confused or overwhelmed in most situations.
Lopez Early College High School is a very prestigious high school that has the morals and values that disciplines their students in every way. I've been in this school for the the past four years and I learned everything that will help me prepare for my future. The rating I give to this school is excellent, because the teachers, staff, coaches, administrators, and parents have given the support any student needs to have and they also provide us with the most ethical lessons we need to learn in order to be superior. I believe that all students here at Lopez Early College High School have the mentality and the readiness to be prepared for life and to contribute goodness towards their community.
There’s so many opportunities in this school. It’s so amazing the many clubs you can join and the great school spirit we have. You’ll meet someone new everyday and it’s worth the experience. You can choose AP classes or Honors.
Based on my experience Lopez High School is average. They need to improve in their sports, safety, food, and college readiness. The food in the cafeteria is given frozen to us and not prepared to be consumed.
My experience here has been not so pleasant. i absolutely despise the the administration. They are so mean to us for absolutely no reason. for example, today i was walking to class and i held my boyfriends hand and a lady yelled to let go and 'stop being stupid and slow'. i was in shock because she was so rude for no reason. theyre always so rude for no reason, one day at lunch they rushed my friend to throw away her plate of food for 10 minutes although we still had a whole half hour in lunch. its bad how they treat the students with disrespect and when they get that disrespect back, they send us to iss. the dress code is a whole nother level of crazy. they are so strict and mean.
Because of my schools location, I feel as if we are full of culture. Our teachers push us to do our best, and are very caring towards the students. Although Staff is strict, they are very helpful and can be very generous towards students.
I finished my freshman and sophomore year at Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas then transferred to Lopez ECHS to complete my junior and senior year. The rules are strictly enforced and followed accordingly which is excellent. However, the lack of school spirit makes it a really dull high school experience. Administrators make the student council believe they can do activities , but in the end those in charge change time consuming plans drastically extracting the whole point out of the events. They don’t have enough funds for certain programs which require fundraising like selling chocolates or popcorn which the administration forbids during school hours when it’s FOR the school.
I like how much you can be involved in this school. It is real easy to manage everything at once. Also, it is really simple to find connections in this campus. There are many college advisers that are here to help us plan our future.
I have been enrolled at Lopez Early College High School all four years of my high school career. They include several extracurricular activities which students can choose from. I have participated in many clubs and University Interscholastic League teams, along with attending the class meetings. The courses here at Lopez High School are great and it has different variations of career pathways.
I have been a Lopez High School student for my four years of high school. I am now a senior and preparing myself for college. The clubs and activities on campus are very fun to join and experience. I have been to a few Lopez football games and the cheering and the involvement of the students, band, cheerleaders, and dance team are all amazing to be apart of.
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I love all about Lopez, people makes you feel so comfortable, like if you were in home. I would never choose any other school over Lopez ECHS. I just think that if Lopez has better food it would be awesome, sometimes food in there is disgusting and you would not eat anything in the time that you are in school.
My experience with Lopez early college High school was good, due to the fact that I was involved in extracurricular activities. By me being involved caused my high school experience to be greatly better, and yes at times the school did have its lows. As in the food not being cooked all the way or it being hard as a rock, but the other parts were great.
It's definitely an experience. Ever since I walked in my freshman year, I knew it was different. Was it good or bad? Who knows, that's for you guys to answer. But over all, the teachers that I've had were pretty amazing. Some of administration were a bit of a pain, but we're teenagers we think everyone that older than us are annoying (no disrespect). There's a good amount of school spirit among each grade level. The pep rallys we have show how much spirit we all have. Our dance team is pretty amazing too. They bring the most spirit out of all of us.
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