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My experience at Loop is amazing due to the people that I have met here and the teachers that showed you how much they actually cared. Loop provide many activities to keep busy and opportunities to meet new people and make friends.
The school building overall is great they have just renovated it and ungraded the hallways, bathrooms, and classrooms. The bus route to the school depend on you the driver will go out of their way to pick you up or they will assemble a group pick up spot for others as well.
Our teachers are great the really care about how you are doing and get to know you a little more personally than they would in bigger schools. Also the teachers make learn fun and interesting and if they don't think you understand completely they will give you one on one explanations. They also know what they are teaching and if they don't fully understand it either they will sit and work the problem till they do.
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Loop is a very safe school. There are no gang anywhere close to us nor is there any drug problems because of the teachers encouraging us to become the best person we can. Bulling was only happened once because the transfer was taunting a lower classmen, but being a tight knit school the senior at the time stood up for the lower classmen and helped them feel safe.
The administration push you to do your best in everything you do and are willing to help in any way all you have to do is ask. The teachers enforce the schools policies but in a way that they are not going out of their way to get you into trouble. Also they let you know that they are there for you and you can trust them. If you are struggling in a class they don't just let you be like in other school they go out of their way to help and make sure you succeed.
The extracurricular opportunities at Loop are tennis, basketball, football, golf, track and cheerleading. Some of the academic extracurricular include UIL, BETA, FBLA, FFA, and FCA. One of my favorite activity is tennis, mainly because I enjoy the sport and there is a chose of how to play it. Also I like BETA because it encourages you to do good in school, make good grade and to help others. Our administration shows their support by encouraging us to do our best and never stop try. Coming from a small school the administration treats you like friend instead of just a name in roll call.
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