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Loomis Secondary School Reviews

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My experience at Loomis High school was incredible. I couldn't have wished for a better 4 years. We are a very small school, which is nice because the teachers are 1:1 with you. If your grades start slipping, your teachers help you out easily, as long as you show you want to improve. I played sports every year and teammates and coaches were very respectful. All the students at Loomis are respectful and nice. It isn't hard to get along at this high school. We don't have "groups" of people, we all are friends with each other. It was a true blessing growing up and getting a great high school experience.
This amazing school is set in rural Nebraska. We literally have a cornfield on one side of our football field. Our K-12 enrollment is approximately 210 kids, so you are never overlooked or unnoticed. The entire school is located in one building which is an awesome experience. Our staff is caring and lots of fun. It has been a great experience for me.
I love the small town feeling I get from my school. Everyone supports everyone and we are all there for each other. I love how everyone participates in all kinds of different activities.
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My school is like no other. My principal, superintendent, and teachers have friendships with troubled students and hard-working students. They all work their hardest to make sure that every student has a chance to graduate.
I love it at loomis secondary school. The kids are great and easy to get along with. The teachers want to help and are willing too, if you ask for their help.
There are almost no clubs or other things to do after school like that. There are things like sports, but not that many clubs. I would say speech is a club by the school and it doesn't get funded by the school, or help from there supporters like sports does. For example the speech team got tee shirts and the school fundraiser groups would help with the price for them. But they help pay for sports equipment and tee shirts for them. I think the school is biased against groups other then sports.
There are some good teachers here at Loomis. Others aren't quite as good and need improvement. The few decent teachers have excellent communication, I feel like they get their point across. Most teachers talk about what we're doing today but it never makes sense. Another topic is grading, one teacher for instance, gave a student in my class a bad grade because she doesn't like him. I depends on how you look at the teachers in this school. Most are pretty bad but some are actually good teachers.
The size of the school makes everyone family.
They are always going out of there way to help.
The rules are extremely strict and controlling, discriminatory. Small school easy to know everyone.
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