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Lookout Valley Middle/High School Reviews

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I would review Lookout Valley High Scool as adequate. The majority of the teachers are wonderful, however some of the disciplinary staff weren’t up to par.
I love Lookout Valley and how it is small. It feels more like a family than a school. There are many opportunities, however there is still room for improvement. Overall I think it is a great school.
Love the overall experience it has been for my girls. The school was very welcoming when they came from another school. Sports and band is terrific and very pleased with the overall experience.
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It is a small school with approximately 400-450 total enrolment,being a small school everyone knows each other,resulting in friendly atmosphere in the hallways and cafeteria. And the down side of being a small school is that students are not offered many honours and college based courses,we are only offered two college courses right now. Which is one of the biggest downside of the school. Teachers are excellent at their jobs and knows what they are doing. I enrolled in LV in spring 2019,because I had just moved from India to United States but I was accepted very pleasantly in the “LV” family.We have a pretty good record over the past few years in baseball and basketball. Here at lookout valley we live like a family and celebrate like a family.
My overall experience at Lookout Valley was good but I do not feel that I got the same opportunities that students got at bigger schools that had more money and more teachers. Lookout Valley gives you a good opportunity to do something with your life but they don't exactly prepare you for college. I had a good high school experience and the teachers and students and school environment was good.
My overall experience with lookout valley high school was that i loved it.i enjoyed all the people there and the aroma that the school had. it was a tight nit school everyone knew everybody and i liked that. it was comforting and comfortable. sometimes i wish i was a high schooler again but then i have to remember that i need to move forward and not back.
Lookout Valley treated me very well. I had a lot of good experiences with the school as well as with the student body. There were some issues but the teachers strive to treat everyone equally, even if some were more motivated then others. Teachers were great, school worked well.
I enjoy being a student at Lookout Valley. I have enjoyed the sports, clubs and activities that I have been able to be involved in here. The teachers are really good and always willing to help students. I wish the students and teachers had more support form administrators. I wish that our administrators would allow teachers to do more to improve their academic experience.
Lookout Valley is blessed to have an amazing faculty and staff! However, as with any at-risk school, the graduation rate is very low, so the academic level is very poor. The community surrounding the school is at a low socioeconomic level, so struggles regarding lack of parental care and supervision makes subsequent behavior from students, such as teen pregnancy, gun/knife violence, and drug use very common. However, if you work hard with enough determination, it is easy to shine. The teachers are very encouraging of personal and academic achievements. Attending LVHS really opened my eyes to the struggles we still face in America as a country and education system, and it encourages me to make the most positive change that I can.
My experience at Lookout Valley high school has been great. The teachers are totally amazing and good at their job.
The food in the cafeteria does not seem healthy. There is not much bullying, but I think that is from how small our school is. We have codes to unlock the doors that only works at certain times of the day (I think this is unnecessary.) We have a very qualified nurse but I don't think she is present enough.
There are sports that you can join, most just require you to show up and put in work. The coaches are caring but want to win. The players can be very competitive. Student government only meets during school because most members play sports and have practice after school. If you are a part of one team you are likely to be a member of many other teams/clubs.
My school has served as a place to safely grow into who I am. It is very small compared to other high schools and has allowed me to be exposed to different people while still being able to feel safe and heard. I don't have one moment that stands out, but I have enjoyed the relationship between teachers and students. Many of the teachers attended Lookout Valley as students which further invests their interests in keeping it a successful school. I like how laid back the school is, and how students are given a lot freedom as long as they prove they can handle it.
Most of the teachers respect and value the students. Some play favorites, but most always present the same opportunities to every student.
Some teachers are excellent and really love teaching but other teachers are very close-minded and while friendly, do not really teach valuable life skills but rather teach the bare minimum in an attempt to keep test scores and teacher evaluations high. This works fine for the average student, however, the oppressive administration hinders above average students by limiting their access to wholesome and challenging material as well as not allowing anything new out of unreasonable phobias of things that are very trivial.
The school in general is focused on test scores over actual learning. Everyone cheats and half-does work because it is all busy-work designed to give the teacher free time instead of them having to teach.
This is school has been great for me, the teacher really nice and helped me with everything I needed.
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There aren't many healthy options and the food isn't cooked well.
Our principal is not fit for the job and does not listen to anyone.
We don't have enough funding to have good equipment
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