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Loogootee Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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as a student at LHS, I feel extremely prepared for college with the academics provided to be by my teachers. I have seen many improvements over the four years that I have attended Loogootee High School, especially with college level classes and real world teaching programs. Our Science and Math departments have advanced classes for those who want to get college classes out of the way, and non advanced classes for those who need more in depth learning. Our music, theater, art, and sports programs have teachers and coaches who are passionate about helping students achieve their full potentials while benefiting the school's impeccable reputation. My only complaint is that the diversity is terrible - we make no efforts to inform ourselves of other cultures and how to treat others who are different from us with full respect.
I went to Loogootee my whole life and the school and the school culture was amazing. I enjoyed it all the way to my senior year wouldn't do it again though, I hate school.
My experience at Loogootee Junior/Senior High School has been transforming. It has not been easy and fun all the time. The hard times and learning parts of high school have changed me to be more responsible, reliable, respectful, and a hard worker. I am so thankful for the challenges I have overcome in high school because the staff at the school have supported and helped me so much. If you are willing to put in the work and go above what is required then Loogootee Jr./Sr. High School is the perfect place for you to grow and develop important skills for life.
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The school is great. I wouldn't go anywhere else. And I had the chance too. chemistry is my favorite subject. My teacher is my mentor and friend someone I admire very much. I couldn't do half the stuff I did in school without them helping me find who I am. Go Lions Go. Love there tennis program also.
I enjoyed my time at Loogootee High School. The teachers are very friendly and have effective teaching skills. However, I would like to have seen more social sensitivity and awareness in the student body and more sensitivity to the few minority and LGBTQ+ students. I think this school would benefit from at least an attempt at instilling tolerance in its students.
Loogootee is a very small school that has slim to no diversity. It is also more focused on sports than it's academics. But there are some amazing teachers that make us students want to learn. There are probably less than five clubs and no activities at Loogootee other than the sports. Our school guidance counselor also only does schedules and has not helped anyone other than with their schedules and classes.
Loogootee is a very small high school in Southern Indiana. The classes are small. You really get to know your teachers and other students. It has a real family atmosphere. The community is very supportive and really comes out to support our sports teams. I had great opportunities to take college and AP classes. I believe this will really help me go onto college and succeed at any career I would chose.
There was so much drama between the staff that nothing was ever done. I usually had to take care of problems myself because the staff would not help. Since graduating, the staff has been fired and new administration has taken place. I hope it is a lot better than when I was there. I will not allow my kids to go to school. They deserve better.
I liked how everyone is close in some way. There is always someone willing to help with any problem or issue and in times of need we all band together as a school and community and try our best to be there for whoever needs it. I liked how involved everyone gets in clubs, sports, activities, etc. The school spirit is very heightened. If there was one thing I would change it would be the diversity that Loogootee has. Since it's a small rural town, the school doesn't have much diversity or people of different backgrounds. I think that if this would change, then the school and community would thrive even more.
I had a wonderful time growing up going to school here. I love the faculty and staff, and will miss them very much. This is a great school, that offers a lot of classes to get you a head start on furthering your education. Go Lions!
Loogootee High School is a good small town place to send your kids, great environment and friendly staff.
There are several types of clubs and organizations available for almost everyone
I generally loved attending this school and there were a few teachers that were awesome and I will never forget
Overall the teachers arent that bad and most do care about your education
I have had such an awesome experience at loogootee. I was involved in lots of sports and we excelled in the finals many of times during my high school and that has to be the best experience of my life.
There are so many different organizations that our school offers.
We have a wide range of college classes offered at our school. I wish we would have a few that would be nice to get over before going to college but unfortunately you can't have them all so I am thankful for the ones they currently offer.
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The staff is very caring and will do anything to make sure we are confident with what we are doing.
Our teachers care about us a lot. They will stay before or after school to help understand something we are struggling with. They are a very caring staff.
The food is very "healthy" like because of Michelle Obama. No one likes eating there because there is wheat everything and wheat is so nasty.
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