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I have enjoyed going to school in Lonoke. Wonderful teachers that care about the grades you make and helping you succeed.
Lonoke High School provides great learning experiences for all students and continues to work hard to provide personalized resources to all students, parents and teachers. The administration works hard to provide new sports, clubs and activities that benefit a wide range of students. The teachers and guidance counselors help all students with preparing for their future outside of school. They offer many different resources for financial aide and provide students with the knowledge that college isn’t the only option for when they graduate. The school administrators work very hard to make sure that all students are able to receive healthy and nutritious meals, including breakfast and lunch. They provide a wide range of options and work with students who have allergies.
I love the teachers at Lonoke High school! They have helped me a lot through my four years there. The principal and assistant principal are new there, but they are so much better then any others we have had in the past. They care about us, hope the best for us, and try to help us find jobs we like. They treat us like we are their own children.
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To see that the students would be better prepared for college. That teachers would teach students how to study. That the teachers at Lonoke High would test students over the material that they cover in the classroom. I wished there were more teachers that really cared about their students and make sure that the students are prepared for their future . There are a few good teachers at Lonoke High School that really care about their students and how they will do in their future.
The school is rather lazy. As a college student now, I can safely say I was not fully prepared for college. Many teachers didn't care about the work their students were doing, and it negatively affected me and plenty of my classmates looking for a chance to learn, and instead got shafted. There aren't any social aspects, save for the big clubs every school has, like FBLA and such. There are also a few more threats to the school than I'd like, and it's kinda hard to feel safe.
The school is nice and clean. The Gina Cox Center is very nice. The students here are not always that kind, and the teachers aren’t always either. The academics are not great here and there is not anything really for college readiness.
I going to really miss my high school. So many memories with my friends, teachers, and coaches. Going to school in a small town makes everyone very close knit.
Lonoke High School is a very tight knit school and makes sure to give the best it possibly can to the students.
Lonoke High school was amazing for me. I enjoyed all four years of high school because of this school. Lonoke High school is a very disciplined school for the most part. I loved the amount of school spirit that was in the atmosphere on Friday mornings and nights for football games,basketball games,etc.. I enjoyed everything given. One thing i would want to see change is probably the security of the school. We have not had any major incidents in Lonoke at all, but with the amount of issues other schools have with trespassing and tragedies, I feel something has to be changed. I think ID's,more security cameras, security members,etc...would do the job a little bit better. I also think that when it comes to teachers, I think a little bit more care for the students would be nice.
I liked all my teachers at Lonoke High School they have all impacted my life in a positive way. The parent involvement was also great in my grade. Overall it was a great experience!!
I loved my time at Lonoke High School! I attended Lonoke Schools from k-12. I truly loved the clubs and activites that were offered during my time there. I espically loved the FFA. I ended up becoming an officer of the FFA by the time I had graduated.
Many of the teachers are coaches, so the education is not top priority here. The clubs and sports, however, are very excellent.
I would like to see more college readiness and food. I'd say that the best department in the school is the math department. They are able to teach us in way that everyone that understands.
I've attended Lonoke all my life and almost all of my family has graduated from there as well. So I'd say it is pretty great.
They help my son when he needed it and they were the first school with the football helmets with the gel in it that for safety
What I like about Lonoke is that it is a small school, so I often feel a sense of community. But there are also many close-minded people and that sometimes escalates into bullying.
It isn't a bad school. The roughest aspect had to be the fact that the student body was very....close minded. Ignorance was very apparent.
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My experience at Lonoke was good. because they have taught me to be a better person and to become a leader and to do whats right at all times. then i was taught to treat others with respect and kill others with kindness.
What I like about Lonoke is it's a small school and everyone typically is either really close to one another or they just keep to themselves. The food gives the students a variety of things to choose to eat.
Lonoke has taught me to be a strong indiviual. The teachers here are very realibale they connect with the students very well.
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