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What I like about my school is that I just transferred this year and they were just so welcoming. The staff was so helpful in getting me to engage with other students. I loved the way that the other students also involved me in their activities like the classwork. I really like being a student there. It is so much fun to be around them. The have become a family to me and I enjoy being around them. I have made great friends along the way.
Longwood Preparatory is a school that offers many opportunities for the scholars. From job opportunities, college now courses to being able to travel to different countries to do community service. It has helped me grow into a better person and evolve into greater.
My experience at Longwood Preparatory Academy was very good. I loved how connected my teachers were with me and how hard they would try to push the students to do better and excel pass our limits. Everyone in our community knows each other, even the most timid and quiet people will be involved socially. My school helps us find opportunities to help us find our career if we do not know what it is yet by providing us with jobs and internship to see what field would interest us the most. I feel like even after I graduate I will still want to visit my HighSchool and help them in anyway I can.
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I graduated this school in 2017 when the name was banana Kelly. The teachers and principle are amazing they really care for students. They have many different activities to make sure the students are engaged and coming to school everyday.
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Banana Kelly High School is now named Longwood Prepatory Academy High School. I really enjoy attending this school. I like the fact that the Teachers, Principal and Assistant Principal know all the students by name. They take an interest in our lives in and out of school and they always help us out. The classroom sizes are small and the classes are interesting. The computer programs, such as Digital Design class, are great and offer certifications you can graduate with. Overall I feel this school is a great fit for me and it can be for others.
I really love Banana Kelly its not a bad school as a lot of people like to say it is. The teachers really are there for the students and try to help you as much as they can. When teachers see that you are not feeling/doing well they will talk to you to see if every thing is ok. Over all they make you feel like a part of a family. They also have many resources
Theres a few, and it fits the school.
I'm not alone, the school has become apart of my family, and helps with goals I have in life.
They are diverse, and they help me a lot, not only to graduate, but to overcome real life obstacles to prepare for my future.
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