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In Longwood High School there are many things that could be improved. Such as faculty training, lunch flexibility and construction. For example, some teachers are great at teaching but fail to create a good connection with their students. Others don't teach so well or even at all and have an okay connection with their students. Sometimes the teachers can even be unfair and that is not okay on the students behalf. As for the "construction" many times i have seen leakage issues or just little things that look like it's been abandoned. I believe the school should be a clean and safe environment for the students to learn at. Now, when it gets to the spring/summer times it gets horrifically hot in the school and it makes it harder for students to concentrate. Lunches are great but more love and flavor should be added, if the school can put in extra money for certain events then I think they should be able to make the school lunches better and more enjoyable for the students as well.
This school actually isn't too bad. Was here briefly, but during that stay, turns out it was full of skinheads, wanna-be thugs, and pot heads. It was utter trash excluding the teachers, who were trying their best.
The school overall is a great place to learn. The teachers are open and helpful when you need them and students' voices are heard by the administration often. The school is diverse and offers a multitude of programs and clubs for its student body to enjoy.
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Longwood highschool is best thing to prepare you for the real world. It teaches you how to become a normal human being and how life is going to be in the real world. The community of Longwood is very strong and it is shown through it’s school events. You can meet any type of person in the school that you would find outside. Nobody is not themselves at that school and its truly hard to find people that can be themselves but the school is packed with kids. Most of the teachers Care for the students but like usual there are some who don’t. The school may not look the best but it sets the stage for the future.
Longwood provides great opportunities for their students. The counselors and administration develop deep connections with students and work to ensure their success both in and out of the classroom.
My experience with Longwood High School has been pretty great so far. Most of the teachers I've had are great at teaching and genuinely care for their students. The AP and honors classes are taught well in this school and I enjoy taking them. Some suggestions for the school are to improve the food quality and to be more lenient for students' lunch periods, for example, letting them choose what cafeteria they want to be in because, for some students, lunch is the only stress-free period they can spend with friends.
Longwood High School is truly a diamond in the rough. On Long Island, a constant theme among schools is that they lack in diversity, or quality teachers, or poor facilities, and sometimes all three. Longwood however, does not suffer from such an ailment. It is diverse, has a caring staff, and though not perfect-(what is?)- the Longwood administration truly makes an effort to accommodate the wants and needs of its student body.
Extra curriculars are great but the atmosphere is like a prison. Our sports teams do fairly well and we have lots of clubs for students to join but the administration is not friendly.
It was a diverse school that allowed others to join together. It also showed how much the teachers cared about their students and will do anything they can to make them pass. The entire staff makes the students feels safe as well as allowing the parents to know their kids are in good hands.
the experience is bittersweet, When you go into the high school portion it can make or break you. You may hear people saying that how they strongly dislike the school because of rules and academics but honestly in my opinion its what you make it. you have to use school to your advantage .
I experience a lot of things inside long wood high school. I learned how to get better with things to handle and learned how to take my time on things that I am having problems with.
This high school had great staff. Plenty of diversity and inclusion for students in both academics and extracurricular activities. There was also a strong curriculum that helps to prepare graduates for college level education.
Longwood is a very diverse community. This is seen in the faculty and the staff. The teacher involvement with student success is great and makes it very easy to succeed with the support.
Longwood High School is part of a school district in which students have a variety of choices in terms of classes, clubs, and sports. Longwood promotes both the STEM field through its internship opportunities and the Arts through its music programs, art honor societies, and multi-media classes. Longwood offers a multitude of different clubs from fitness clubs, to improvisational music jam sessions, to book clubs and cartooning lessons. While Longwood offers these opportunities, some of them, especially travel related activities, are unavailable to students from low income families. Opportunities such as Longwood Travels, Princeton Model Congress, and the annual Comicon trip are unattainable for some students. Even the yearbook and the prom are beyond what some families can pay. There is a clearly cut socioeconomic division that I wish the school could bridge together. At the very least, I wish for aid to be provided to students who rely on lunch waivers.
Longwood is a large public school with over 3000 students. Its very diverse. Great teachers, and many opportunities to excel. Lots of school spirit. Go Lions
Overall my experience at Longwood High School has been pretty great. Over the past four years I've had my ups and downs with teachers and peers but the school has a good way of helping students when in need. Most teachers here are good at teaching to each students way of learning and are very helpful when needed. However like all places not everything is all sunshine and rainbows. I've had my fair share of bad teachers who truly can't teach, control a class, or are just flat out rude. Also in the beginning of my freshman year I struggled with friends and was in a very bad mental state but with the help of guidance counselors and the growing bond between my teammates on cross country and track I was able to get out of my bad head space.
Longwood High School was a great experience and as a recent alum, I do miss it. The teachers were very connected with their students and were always willing to help or even just talk. The students there are very inclusive as well as diverse. There are numerous ways to get involved and I highly would recommend getting involved to improve your high school experience overall.
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Longwood High School is a great school. There are a lot of electives for whatever interests you have and the teachers really care about the students.
I like that in Longwood high School there is a lot of diversity and that it feels very welcoming and easy to get into .
I am pleased with Longwood High School and all that it had to offer. Although things like food and fighting were minor issues the rest of the everyday operations ran smoothly. Teachers and administration were always working hard and students were always involved in extra curricular activities.
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