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My 4 years at Longview High School were unforgettable. The teaching staff developed relationships with the students and the administration was heavily involved in sports events.
Amazing school, very diverse, excelent opportunies and awesome teachers. My experiance that this school not only educationally advanced me but also prepared me for the real world. The experiance at longview highschool is like no other. I am proud to say that I am an alumni.
It was an amazing experience from a student point of view, there were very little things I could critique. I loved the connections I formed with my teachers in the IB program, counselors were very helpful and the environment was good.
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The school is okay. The teachers are good overall but the food could be better. The school does help to get ready for college and has many programs to do so. I feel pretty safe when I'm at school.
I loved that even though Longview is a smaller city in Texas, LISD offered top-tier academics to students who wanted to learn. The teachers in the IB program and other program cared about their students and helped them succeed in every way possible. However, it seemed like the school put the IB or AP students on pedestals and focused less on other students who didn't have the resources that many of the higher-ranking students did.
I joined Longview High School halfway through my Junior year. Joining a new school that is so big is scary, but during my first week everyone was welcoming to me especially the teachers. Although I didn't have any friends at my new school I quickly started making friends and got very involved with the school. I am now on the yearbook, choir, and soccer team. I am very happy with my move here and I am proud to be a Lobo!
Longview High School is very diverse the amount of teachers that put work into making sure we are for college is amazing.
The high school is very big but the class sizes are small and the teachers are all very helpful. To me, the schools focused a little to much on their dress code, which is a uniform, and not enough on engaging their students in school activities.
Longview High School includes many ranges of programs for students to pursue the career of their dreams. From IB to Dual Credit, Longview high school also includes different academic programs to prepare your child for college. Besides the myriad of options in academics, students and Lobo fans love to come together and support the school's football team.
I like the college readiness we have. We are getting well prepared to go to college, and make it easier on us.
Longview High School is the main public city school. I think that it's downgraded because it is the main public school, but I think we also receive the most opportunities. I don't think I would've been graduating with 30 college credit hours or top 10% anywhere else.
Longview High school is full of loving teaches and endless possibilities. Here at Longview they have many organization, and clubs. Being partnered with Kilgore college, UT at Austin, and Steven F. Austin; students here are able to start college early and earn college hours. Longview High school is also know for their extracurricular classes. Here we have classes medical , cosmetology, culinary, animal science, engineering, astronomy, and many more. I am honored to have spent my four years at Longview High, and I hope one day I could repay my gratitude.
Longview High School was like any other school in Texas; prided itself on sports and academics. The culture at Longview was second to none! Not only did we celebrate achievements in sports, but we celebrated academic achievements as well! The school was well rounded in all aspects. They had a IB program and also a Dual Credit program to go towards college credit; something I took part in. There is nothing I would change about Longview High School.
I like the diversity of the school and how many different people you meet throughout the 4 yrs of attending. I would like to see some of the programs that they created for a certain class be available to all the students who would to participate in the programs like the Global High Program.
It was a pretty good school if you are in ap or IB. Regular classes sometimes let you skip through. But most of the teachers are amazing and really care about teaching and not just teaching a test.
I was personally a student that was heavily involved in the arts as well as academics. They have multiple resources that get you ready for college no matter what path you take: Early College, AP, IB, Dual Credit or plain regular. It's also very easy to gain certifications through the classes offered there as well. I graduated with several in Adobe as well as in Microsoft. The administrators care for the students and want to see you graduate. They have many star teachers that will not only teach you the course but life long lessons. It's a great place to be and a great place to be a student.
I graduated in 2018. AP and Dual Credit Student, top of my class. However, LHS doesn't care about you as a student unless you're in the IB Program. Most students lacked basic necessities and resources, and teachers were, for the most part, vastly underqualified, overworked, and unsupervised.
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My experience at Longview High School has been a privilege. I say it is a privilege because I am able to graduate with both my high school diploma an an associate of science degree for free because I took advantage of the great opportunity that was provide by LHS. My freshman class was the first class to start the Early College Program, and not many of my classmates that met the requirements continued in the program. Thankfully I had a mother that is persistent and sat me down to explain the opportunity I was given. Now I am proud to graduate from Kilgore College and Longview High School in May 2019 not to mention my class is the first class in 97 years to win state champs in football.
Highschool is definitely much better when you get involved. It was a very diverse school that allowed you to meet people from different cultures. I would like to see a few better staff members and more school functions, such as highschool dances.
Longview High School is fairly diverse and fosters a huge sports community. Academics vary based on what programs students decide to join, and those programs can be very rewarding or mediocre. If you work hard, take the most challenging courses possible, and utilize the school's resources, you will be well-prepared for college. Teachers genuinely work hard to teach their students, but their quality depends on the program they are within.
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