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Longoria Elementary School Reviews

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In Longoria we had the chess club, the reading club, and the music club. In all of this clubs you had to have certain grades in order to be able to participate. Although there werent any after-school activities.
Safety policies in Longoria are excellent, because in order to enter the campus the lady at the front desk asked you what was the reason for your visit to the campus and if she approved she would open the gate. Bullying is everywhere in every school, although in Longoria they took bullying very seriously.
I would choose this school again, because all the teachers care about the students. Teachers at this school make sure that every student in their class learns the lesson that was thought that day. My experiences at this school were never negative they were always positive. What makes this school unique is that no student gets left behind.
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The teachers in Longoria Elementary are very nice and caring for their students. The way of teaching for every teacher is different, but the teachers in Longoria have a style of teaching that makes you not just learn it for a few days but it stays with you for ever. Their communications skills are great if they did not make them selfs clear they will assure that what they thought is understandable.
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