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Administration limited activities too much. There were a lot of times where a majority of the students felt we were being controlled too much.
Overall I’ve had a very good experience here. It’s certainly a great high school. It’s prepared me well for my future and been enjoyable in the present.
They had great opportunities for students to earn college credit or take college-level courses. The school had a viraity of sports. Though, I wish they would offer more academic help such as tutoring in school.
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I have taken 9 Advanced Placement classes, meaning the coursework is as hard as a college class and you receive college credit, and 10+ Colorado University (CU) Succeed classes, meaning your high school teacher is “CU Approved”, so you can receive a college credit from CU by taking that course. This has been really beneficial in saving money for college. I can graduate earlier and I don’t have to pay as much for classes I need to take.
great school.
I go here right now and I love it. Much better than all other Longmont area high schools

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Longmont High School is a wonderful community and consistently presents amazing learning experiences and opportunities to its students! LHS is inclusive and diverse. The teachers are very supportive and our school values mental health and offers resources to students. I feel generally protected and safe at my school. I am motivated by my peers and teachers to try my hardest and engage in class every day!
I loved the tennis team. We have a awesome coach. Our marching band is the best and we have a rock wall. I don’t like the political things we are taught and some classes are hard to take because of other kids.
I feel like the things we learn are not always that needed but, I think that’s most high schools.
I am a senior at Longmont High school, and the last 4 years of my life have been amazing. This school has a variety of actives that involves students on the community. While at Longmont you will always feel like you have a family supporting your educational decisions. Longmont has a variety of sports teams that have made it to Championships and have hundred of all-american athletes. Longmont is a great school where you feel supported by your community.
A supportive staff and mission. My experience all 4 years has been successful and I’m ready to start college.
I have had a generally good experience at Longmont High School. I like the culture, variety of classes, teachers, school pride, and a variety of other things as well! I would definitely recommend it as a high school especially for SVVSD.
Longmont was a good school for me for many reasons. I had an opportunity to discover what I liked and what I always wanted to try. I got involved in the art program, in the theater program, and in the music program. I got into the AP program as well, and on top of the school valuing academics, Longmont also values sports, so everyone is encouraged to join.
I really like Longmont High because it is very inclusive, has a lot of classes to pick from, and has an overall spirited community.
It was a pretty great school! I had great experiences there. I would definitely recommend joining the MBSA program if you are interested, it is a great opportunity!
It has a very good atmosphere with lots of activities that you can get involved in to make friends and be included.
I was as transfer student to Longmont High from Boulder High School. While slightly smaller in student population, I felt that LHS held a stronger community atmosphere as well as encouraging student involvement in ways BHS didn't. Sports were a much bigger part of student life at Longmont than at Boulder, and as an athlete, I liked that aspect of the school. However, I was also enlightened by the importance and high regard for the music and arts programs, even if I wasn't a part of them. The Drum Line was very popular, and awarded with multiple State Championships while I was attending school there.
Low quality education. Many teachers obviously did not care about the quality of education that was being given. I learned very little here.
Great sports programs. But many don't care about JV (or C/D/etc. team) at all, only Varsity. Great teachers, except for a few. Foreign language programs aren't great. We just don't spend enough on them. AP classes are good, but there is pressure to take as many as your schedule fits. If you are taking 6 or 7 (almost a full schedule), they will advise you to take a free block. Juuling problem with many students. Parking lot is the absolute worst.
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I have been involved within at least 6 of Longmont High Schools many musical programs and many AP and honors classes. This is a school for achievement and solace.
I like the amount of extracurricular activities Longmont HS has available for students. There is a large marching band, many sports, drama, an indoor percussion ensemble, many clubs, many bands, and Longmont has the only high school steel drum band in the state. Some of the classrooms and commons could be updated but this is only a minor problem.
I’m just going to say, I wish I wouldn’t have attended longmont high. I come from a low income family, and I felt I was not treated as a normal high school student by other students around me. You must be wealthy, cliquey , or an a exceptional athlete to feel welcome by other students. Popularity is the Longmont student’s drug. There is also a gap in the student body between white population and Hispanic/latino population, and it is not a subtle gap. Staff was ok, teachers were usually helpful and insightful on the class they were teaching, and admin were mostly nice. I remember being extremely excited for high school, but my experience at Longmont High was overall, low quality.
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