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Longmont Christian School is a really amazing school. The faculty is so kind hearted and genuine. You always feel welcomed when you walk into that door. That school never fails to give you a smile and cheer you up. No matter who you are you will a good of friends who will welcome you in.
I'm both am alum and now a teacher at LCS. I developed lifelong friends during my time as a sudent: I was involved in multiple sports and clubs, and got a very well rounded education, and a strong group of loving Christian friends. We were a pretty diverse class but found ways to get along! Fast forward to today: I am a teacher alongside some of the same amazing staff that taught me. My daughter attends LCS and is getting a head start from her peer group on education. But what I love and value most is that she is learning about Jesus from her teachers. They are giving her a spiritual foundation that will last her a lifetime. Check out LCS and see if it's something you'd like for your student. 303-776-3254
Longmont Christian School was a good school to be in my junior and senior year. It is a small enough school where you can get a lot of individual help from a teacher especially when we have study hall. Work is good amount of stressful. Not too little to just fly by, but just enough to get your mind working. Kids are good too. It like in every highschool you have a group is the immature kids, but we are a community. We see each other cry, laugh, and go through trouble. Yes we do have drama and dramatic kids, but it is not too much.
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Longmont Christian has provided my children with an excellent education, surrounded by a faculty that cares about their heart as well as their mind.
The academic standards were iffy at best and the school culture was completely lacking in what a high school culture should have.
I went to Longmont Christian from pre-school all the way through 12th grade. I always felt safe and cared about here. The teachers genuinely cared about each student and took time to get to know each one of their students. The principal is a great man. He was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to and to pray for me. He know the name of every student that walks through that door and always calls you by name. I was sad to leave because that school was my family.
The only clubs were sports related.
What makes this school special to me is how I made so many special relationships with my peers and faculty. At a large school someone might have a lot of friends but they usually tend to have very few close friends. Yet at my school there are not many people but you make very close friends with the ones that are there and in my opinion that is better than not having many close friends. I would most definitely choose this school if I had to do high school over again because the opportunities at this school are endless.
My guidance counselor, Jen, is very committed to helping us find college as well as teaching us key financial tips for post-graduation savings. Due to the fact that I attended a small school it is easy to reach my counselor at any time and she will help anyone to the best of her ability.
The extracurricular opportunities at my school are limited yet the ones that exist are thriving and great to participate in. My personal favorite is the athletic activities. The best option is football. Our team was above average last year at 5-3 but our team is very motivated to win and we have a great work ethic. Our coaches are seasoned veterans and due to the fact that we are a very small team, anyone who participates will get lots of repetitions and guidance. Your level of commitment must be very high due to the fact that our program is small and we need everyone to be in tip top shape. For those who think that sports is not for them we always have drama and student council which are great options for everyone! If you do not want to participate in a specific club then you can make one up. An example is my friend, Lonnie, who started a fishing club last spring and it was a huge hit. Anyone can start any club they want because my school is very flexible
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