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Longmeadow High School boasts great teachers and faculty and a relatively inclusive environment. The main problems include an excessively competitive environment and too much homework.
Longmeadow high schools offers many ways to engage in extra curricular activities. From varsity sports to Japanese Club to Robotics. There is something for everyone at LHS.
Mostly pretty good teachers and stuff but school starts way to early which really limits students academic and athletic performance.
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Longmeadow has an outstanding reputation for excellent academic performers! This can be attributed to the administration, physical plant and the students.
Longmeadow High School is, in many ways I’m sure, a generic, suburban, predominantly white high school in a pleasant and affluent New England town with no shortage of bright, determined, conscientious, and hard-working students. While the academics are rather rigorous, I would say that the expectations from students could be a bit higher, especially considering LHS’s reputation in the area. There is also a general sense among the students that one needs to “escape” LHS to truly be oneself—I’m sure this is a problem common to most schools, but perhaps at LHS we feel pinned down somewhat by the competition and pressures we feel all around us. Overall, it’s a great school with plenty of awesome students and staff members, but I certainly think it can do a tad better culture-wise. It’s still trying to kick that 1950s White America vibe in a sense, although that’s an exaggerated way to put it.
Amazing teachers that are dedicated to helping you learn at any level. Office hours are frequent and the teachers care about each individual even for such large classes. Many accommodations are readily available. Safe town as well.
Longmeadow High School is a very good environment for competitive students. The student body alone creates a culture of competition. The college prep level teachers are often really helpful. The honors and AP courses are difficult, time consuming, and tiring. However, those who wish to excel do succeed when they work hard. I would say that hard work pays off in difficult classes. The English department encourages students to improve their writing. The math department is also really helpful and does a tremendous job in thoroughly teaching all levels of math. While the teaching style of some teachers may not fit some of the students, many teachers are willing to stay after to help. However, some teachers can be short with students and intimidating. For those who do not prefer a very competitive environment, Longmeadow High School is very challenging and daunting.
I had a solid 4 years here. Not a very diverse town but the school itself is great. Great academics, great teachers, and a wire variety of extracurricular activities. However, some of the rules created by administration aren't logical. But overall, it's an amazing school
Longmeadow High School has a rigorous academic curriculum, and it is common for students to participate in athletics. Most teachers are very willing to spend time with students for extra help and are patient. According to Longmeadow High School graduates I know of, classes they took in High School really prepared them for college. In addition, students tend to do well on AP testing.

This high school has an excellent music program as well, including orchestra, several vocal groups, and band.

I haven't seen any physical bullying in our school (ex. shoving people into lockers). It's interesting that students sit in the cafeteria in groups according to their grades and gender. Most students wear clothes just like everyone else and lack diversity.
Overall it is a great school, however some teachers lack motivation to teach and/or help students at all.
Longmeadow High School was an incredible experience for me. There was a multitude of opportunities to get involved in sports, clubs, and other activities outside of academics, all of which provided welcoming environments to meet people and hang out with friends. I also found the classes to be rigorous and challenging, ultimately preparing me for a great engineering program at an amazing college.
Longmeadow High School has always given me the opportunities to challenge myself academically and musically. This school offers many courses, both AP and honors-level, that cover all the interests that students may have. The faculty really care about a student's progress and work to help them excel. The music program is fantastic with many ensembles, both instrumental and vocal. It is well reputed and for good reason.
I really enjoyed my time at Longmeadow High School. It is a very competitive school, both in academics and athletics. The teachers are very kind and are always in their classrooms after school if you need anything. Not only are they available academically, but they always ask you how you are, and they genuinely mean it. The students are also very friendly, the student body is very supportive of each other's achievements, one example being that most of the students at LHS go to all of the football and basketball games to cheer on our team. My experience at Longmeadow High School has taught me how to be kind, considerate and it has given me the greatest friends.
Great School! I loved my time at LHS. Really good teachers and it offers a variety of courses. Athletics were also really good!
Excellent parent and teacher involvement in all areas of academics and school improvements. A very clean modern school with the newest technology. The clubs and organizations are very diverse, there is something for everyone to be involved in!
Longmeadow High School is full of great teachers who really care about their students. The high school's community is cohesive and close-knit. It's small enough that the Principal knows everyone's name but large enough that you're always meeting new people. It is a rigorous high school that prepared me well for college. I've had some of the most outstanding and moving teachers at LHS.
Longmeadow High School continues to provide an outstanding academic experience for my child. Incredible teachers and guidance counselors @LHS.
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I love everything about my High School, it has a beautiful brand-new facility with the best most supportive staff!
Overall this school prepares every student for college. They are able to accommodate every different type of learning style. On the other hand some teachers are not as focused on making sure every student in the class understands what is going on and is succeeding. They are more focused on AP tests than students actually learning the material.
Longmeadow High School had given me the best high school experience I could ever hope for. The faculty and staff are kind and helpful, and the overall atmosphere of the school is great for people interested in going to college.
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