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Longleaf was overall a positive experience for me. The teachers truly care about the students and I learned a lot while there, but the administration is not the best in my opinion and there seemed to be a disconnect between them and the student body.
The academics at this school are weak to begin with but then completely undermined by dishonest grading: the school is recording completely bogus grades for my daughter, turning C’s and F’s into A’s, to defraud her out of her right to disability accommodations. You cannot build a school on a foundation of cheating, and that’s what this school does: cheat. I’m finding it impossible to maintain any respect for the administration.
It’s ok there are a lot of restrictions but it’s an overall good school there aren’t any fights or anything but some of the administration is bad.
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Longleaf is very accepting of all people who attend. No one is ever made fun of because of their sexual or gender orientation. I wish they had a more in depth Literary Arts program.
I was one of the first graduates so they didn’t have much figured out. Hope it’s improved in terms of college prep etc. Still loved experience
LSA has been the perfect high school for my son. The curriculum is college preparatory, the Arts programs are rich and the teachers are excellent. The Administration and Student Services are extremely supportive and professional. Communication was poor in previous years, but this year has improved a great deal and is continuing to improve. The school is still young, but I believe in a few years and currently has a B on the NC Report Card. I believe in a couple of years, it will be an A. My son and many of his peers are being accepted to prestigious college programs, especially in Art, Design and Film.
This school is rigorous in its academics and has a very good teaching staff but occasionally lacking in its ability to comunicate with the parents and student body about subjects that could potentially affect the learning environment.
Longleaf School of the Arts is a perfect fit for my visual artist and my dancer. The academics are rigorous and the arts keep them challenged daily. Teachers are kind and enjoy working there and the students are supportive of each other, even amid much diversity.
I believe the school has well prepared my students for entering college. They are both happy to go to school daily and that is so important.
The school is not without flaws, but the positive aspects of the school outweigh and of the negative details.
LSA is a very accepting school and haas a great focus on the arts. It's wonderful for a kid who wants to develop their artistic ability and passion, from music to visual arts to drawing to acting. The teachers are dedicated and committed and always make me feel important to them. The school is also college preparatory, so it's a good way to get ready for the workload of college.
Longleaf has a rather /interesting/ small enviroment that a vast majority of the students here thrive in. The rigor of the coursework and academics tends to take some people by surprise but it’s fairly manageable once you get used to it. The biggest issue with the school is that it’s a bit of a mess. The administration is kinda all over the place when it come to making big decisions and implementing rules and the school is so small we have trouble having actual sports teams and clubs.
Longleaf is a small school with an excellent focus on preparing its students for college. Since it has such a small population, teachers and administration are very involved with students. Each student recieves more personalized attention than they would in a public school setting. Longleaf requires the use of iPads at school, which was very interesting and opened the doors to many new activities. The clubs at Longleaf are pretty good. If a student wishes to create a new one, it is possible. Currently the school has no organized sports, but there is talk of them being implemented in the future!
I’ve really enjoyed spending the past several years at Longleaf. It’s not a perfect school, I’ve had my share of issues with some teachers and staff, but I think that going to school here has been the best choice for me. There are a variety of pros and cons associated with going to Longleaf, but I’ve ultimately been happy here.
Great school, I feel safe and heard here and I am able to express myself easily. The teachers are personable and everyone is very accepting
I like that we have 7 classes all year long and have a variety of classes to chooses from come course registration time. I have also gotten close with several of my teachers who help me understand their material and I truly believe they want me to succeed.
Longleaf has been pretty good for me. I mean, this type of school environment is not for everyone, and I'm here because of all the bullying back in my middle school.

Here, I've found an interest in Dance, which I never had before, and gained a lot of confidence, so if your kid is someone who doesn't make friends easily and struggles with speaking up, maybe this is the place for you. Plus, next year our facilities will be better, because we're moving to a different school building!
The teachers are extremely challenging, yet they make learning fun and truly enjoyable! My artistic skills and academic skills have skyrocketed through the roof since I've been there!
As a current junior, I have to say how much I love this college prep school. Everyone you meet is accepting and loving. You can truly embrace your art here. The teachers are extraordinary. I have a close bond with a lot of my teachers, and they want you to succeed! They have office hours on certain days where you can get help if you need it. You can endorse in the art that you like, and it looks awesome on your high school transcript! I'm so happy that I found this school... my grades are better than ever and I've met some amazing people.
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