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It wasn't a fun place when I attended and my sister's didn't enjoy going to longleaf either. There are a lot of fight and disciplinary issues that need to happen in the school.
I had a very good experience at Longleaf Middle School, I attended there for 2 years and enjoyed the atmosphere, and never felt discouraged in any way. I felt rather motivated to do my work and focus on what I had in front of me. The teachers always made me feel better and I can honestly say I have learned a lot from my peers.
Longleaf Middle School is a school that is successful at connecting teachers to there students. Many teachers at Longleaf are passionate about the students and there readiness for there next step in life, High school. Longleaf has many clubs that can intrigue students into the school life and build relationships.
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I learned so much from being at this school. It opened me to many experiences, and new things coming out of elementary that I had never seen before. They were very good about students passing and getting to high school.
They teach well and help the students if they need it.
Kids come to school sick and they spread it to others and the whole school ends up becoming sick. One time somebody caught Whooping Cough and they spread it to people and this kid who claimed he had it, he coughed all over me. I was really appauled by this.
Some of the teacher's don't care at ALL about the students, they're just worried about their paycheck.
Extracurricular's at my school are good but they could have more to offer.
They have a diversity of clubs to join!
The teachers really reach out to make sure you understand whats going on and that you feel comfortable in all your classes
When I attended Longleaf middle school the school just opened and was very secure. We had multiple resource officers and security checks
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