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Longfellow Middle School Reviews

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I have a 7th grade and a 10th grades and let me just say that Longfellow middle school is by that the best school I have ever seen in my entire life. The teachers are amazing, they really get to know you as a person and they really care about your child’s education and future. My 10th grader has a 4.0 and she has stayed in the Wauwatosa school district her whole life, along with my 7th grader. Longfellow has a variety of clubs including ski and snowboard, art club, yarn lovers, games club, the volunteer court for students, crew for season plays, and many, many more. Longfellow also has amazing guidance with 3 amazing guidance counselors who really care. Longfellow also really cares about bullying.
DUDE THIS SCHOOL IS NOT GOOD DUDE (or brochoco if you want) #teleportation. My child went to school expecting a peaceful day but no the dogs came out because they found drugs in the school 7th graders brought that in 7th and then i now am looking into a different school (Montessori) I AM RAGED
THIS SCHOOL SUCKS people do drugs and there had been cops there more than once. DONT GO TO THIS SCHOOL AT ALL. unless u want Ur kind to go rage.
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This school is the reason my daughter switched to the profound Wauwatosa Montessori school! Longfellow, I knew at the start of the year there was going to be issues (Drugs, Bullies, etc). Longfellows education level is as low as my grades in middle school! Their committees are garbage, their dances are a bust, and not to mention I can't parent volunteer!! On the other hand Wauwatosa Montessori is the place for my daughter, their education level is as high as me at 4:20 on a Saturday with my ladies!!
Big Smoke Goes Here And The Teachers Here Are Lit Slay Goals. This school is good and people here are actually cool minus a few kids. And all the kids are nice and cool. Dont listen to the 2 star reviews cause they smell like cheese
Bad school. My daughter came home telling us about how the other school in Wauwatosa, Whitman, celebrates Black-History Month and Women's-History Month. The teachers do not teach well, the classes are WAY too big. My daughter will for sure leave next year.
The teachers do not teach well and since there is such a big class, you never get noticed and the teachers barely know you. Also it is very easy to get As because teachers are too focused with other students. I am definitely moving schools next year.
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